Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Attacked At Restaurant In Scottsdale After Declining To Take Photo

Harvey Weinstein continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After countless actresses came forward to allege sexual abuse against the shamed producer, most of Hollywood wore black at this year’s Golden Globes to fight against sexual abuse in the film industry and the workplace in general. Of course, “Time’s Up” was started because of the allegations against Weinstein and has since become a huge movement.

And things continue to get ugly. After allegedly blacklisting his daughter, Mira Sorvino, the Inquisitr reported that Paul Sorvino said he wanted to kill Weinstein. And it turns out, he’s not the only one who feels similarly about the 65-year-old. Yesterday, TMZ reports that Weinstein and his sober coach were eating dinner at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort when he was attacked.

A man named Steve and his friend were seated next to Harvey when the pair asked if they could take a picture with him. According to Steve, Weinstein became belligerent and rude and refused to take a photo. But the manager of the Scottsdale eatery has a different story, saying that Weinstein politely turned down the photo op.

“I’d rather not take a picture right now,” the manager recalls Weinstein telling the men.

In either case, Steve and his friend returned to their table after being refused. After admitting to going back to his table and enjoying a few more cocktails, Just Jared reports that Steve told the friend he was with to start filming before he walked over to Weinstein’s table around 9 p.m. as he and his sober coach were about to leave.

Steve then told TMZ that he walked over to Harvey with some choice words, calling him a “piece of sh**” before shaming him for what he did to all his female victims. After the rant, Steve confesses that he punched Weinstein in the face two times and says that the blow of the punches nearly knocked Harvey to the ground.

Again, the manager of the Scottsdale restaurant has a different story, saying that Steve was incredibly drunk when he threw two punches. She says that they both didn’t connect and missed Weinstein.

After everything went down, Harvey reportedly left the restaurant and declined to have the police called over the matter.

The story has already been picking up on social media, with many Twitter users applauding the man named Steve for doing to Harvey what many others want to do.

“No punches connected, but it’s the thought that counts,” one user tweeted.

“About time…” another said.

Weinstein and his camp have not yet spoken out to confirm or deny the story.

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