Leah Messer Speaks Out About Funeral: Has She Lost Someone Close To Her?

Leah Messer has been sharing posts about positivity and doing things for oneself for months. It sounds like this Teen Mom 2 star has completely changed the way she lives her life after spending a few months being depressed and suffering from anxiety. Even though she’s doing everything possible to live a great life, there are some things that she cannot avoid. This week, Messer revealed that she had lost someone close to her and she had gone to the funeral. One can imagine it was an emotional day, and she did reveal that it sucked saying goodbye to someone.

According to the new tweet, Leah Messer simply said that funerals suck. She didn’t go into details about who had passed away, who had attended the funeral, and whether her daughters had been there as well. But she hadn’t really talked about someone being sick on social media, so it’s possible that she isn’t referring to an immediate family member. Plus, she didn’t seem too heartbroken over the loss, as she continued to tweet various things, including quotes and responding to fans who reached out to her.


So, is Leah Messer going through a rough time thanks to this loss? It doesn’t seem like she’s completely devastated. Several fans reached out to her, asking her about the loss, and a few people shared their own stories about loss. But Leah has remained somewhat private about everything she has gone through, including this particular funeral. She merely shared her emotions on social media but chose to keep the details private. It’s possible that she wants to protect the family members, who have been personally affected by this loss. She knows that she has a massive fanbase and that people may reach out to the affected family if she provides too many details. Surely, this is the last thing she wants to do during such a rough time.

Leah Messer is currently filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2, which is expected to premiere later this year.

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