Maci Bookout Shows Emotional Support For Chelsea DeBoer, But Here’s Why Fans Shouldn’t Believe It

Maci Bookout doesn’t share much with her fans, so when she finally posts something on social media, people go crazy. Bookout is often promoting things that will make her money, so it isn’t surprising that she’s now allowing companies to use her Twitter account to post content about her Teen Mom co-stars. Several of the Teen Mom stars allow websites to post content on their behalf with the goal of driving traffic to these articles. One can imagine that Maci makes some money from this deal, but many have threatened to unfollow her because the content is becoming too impersonal.

In a recent post, an article was shared with a statement reading, “I might be crying! So much love!”

The thing fans need to realize is that Maci isn’t the one writing these posts. According to the new tweet, fans are supposed to think that Maci Bookout is showing support for Teen Mom 2 co-star Chelsea DeBoer. The article she’s linking to is about Cole and Chelsea’s wedding. Even though there is no bad blood between Maci and Chelsea, it’s important that fans know Bookout isn’t personally sharing this content to show support for her co-stars. She’s sharing the content because she’s making money off of it.

Usually, content or products being shared through sponsorship require the hashtag #ad to inform people that the person posting the content will be making money from whatever sale comes from the ad. These website postings are a bit different because the girls aren’t sharing anything with the goal of selling something. Instead, the websites in question make money based on the pageviews they get, and these clicks may go up when fans believe that Maci Bookout herself is posting these articles. But Bookout isn’t the only person posting these articles. In fact, Amber Portwood posted the same article with a different caption

Some people have picked up on the fact that these articles are what is commonly known as “click bait” articles. Fans have warned these Teen Mom stars that they need to stop using them for money, as fans believe that they are only being encouraged to click these articles so these reality stars can continue to make money. Since none of the Teen Mom stars have said otherwise, it’s currently only the fans who are speaking out on this matter.

Maci Bookout is currently dealing with business issues and Ryan Edwards’ sobriety on Teen Mom OG.

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