‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13, Ep 11 Spoilers: Investigation Of Attempted Homicide Uncovers A World Of Secrets

In the all-new episode of Criminal Minds this week, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team travels to a small town in Virginia. They are investigating the attempted murder of the police chief’s wife. But while looking into the case, the BAU agents find more than they expected.

Titled “Full-Tilt Boogie,” Criminal Minds Season 13, Episode 11 leads the BAU team to a whole world of sinister secrets in a small Virginia town. Someone invaded the house of the town’s chief of police, Chief Steve Gaines (Ben Browder), and tried to kill his wife, Dana Gaines (Marcelle LeBlanc). As it turned out, there are 15 murder cases that occurred in the area, and they were never solved. They have one thing in common, which is a connection to the chief of police.

The sneak peek at the new episode shows Agent Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) informing the team about what he found. The promo clip flashes a family picture of the police chief with his wife and two children, a boy and a girl. It also shows the wife catching the UnSub. JJ (A.J. Cook) also informs them the huge problem they are facing investigating the case because no one in that small town is willing to talk. They seem to be too afraid to tell the FBI elite team about what is happening in their community. Could the police chief be the serial killer? If Chief Gaines has something to do with the crimes, it is going to be a huge problem.

Meanwhile, Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has finally come back to work. He joins the BAU team in solving the bloody mystery in Virginia.

Criminal Minds fans are delighted to see Dr. Reid in a new episode, saying that it is about time he returns to the scene. On Twitter, fans expressed that they miss Reid and that the show does not feel the same without him. Gubler was only seen occasionally on the show as he reportedly requested some time off in October last year. Some fans, however, wish that Hotch (Thomas Gibson) had come back instead of him.

Criminal Minds Season 13, Episode 11 airs on January 10 at 10/9c on CBS. Watch the promo below.

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