Bam Margera Heads To Rehab After DUI Arrest

Bam Margera may have finally hit rock bottom. The reality star has had a rough life since his friend, Ryan Dunn, died back in 2011. That was a pivotal moment in his life, and one Margera often mentions. While Jackass put his name out there, he also starred in his own reality show, Viva La Bam. Just last month, Bam Margera welcomed a son with his wife.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported Bam Margera had been arrested for an alleged DUI. He had been driving and approached California Highway Patrol officers. After Margera chatted with them, they asked him to pull over for a sobriety test. While he bonded out of jail after he was arrested, there is now a February court date he will need to attend. This is not the first time alcohol has affected Bam Margera, but it may be the last if he follows a plan to get help.

It is no secret that Bam Margera has battled alcoholism for years. Although this was his first DUI, it isn’t the first time something bad has happened related to alcohol. After his friend was killed in a drinking-related accident, Margera used alcohol to cope. According to E! Online, Bam Margera is headed to rehab. Details surrounding the stay aren’t clear right now. His mom confirmed the family is working on getting something set up in California. Margera will likely keep the details to himself, especially because this entire event has been embarrassing for the former Jackass star and his family.

A lot has happened over the last few days. The family is working on getting things sorted out for Bam Margera to get the help he needs. He has revealed a lot of demons over the years, including alcohol-related issues and an eating disorder. There have been some concerns about his behavior from fans, though he never attempted to get help. Rehab may be his rock bottom, and if that is the case, dealing with his demons will be necessary to completely heal. Fans have been sending encouragement to Margera and his family as they move forward with treatment and the next chapter in life.

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