Matt Roloff Missing From Jacob’s 21st Birthday Party, Fans Angry At Ex-Wife Amy

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World recently gathered her children and their respective families for an early celebration of her youngest son, Jacob’s 21st birthday and all but the young man’s father, Matt, were on hand for the momentous event. After Amy posted a group photo from the gathering, fans started wondering why Matt was not around. The questions quickly became accusations that Amy did not invite her ex-husband to their youngest son’s party.

Amy decided to throw an early birthday party for Jacob, who will turn 21 on January 17, as reported by Pop Culture. As mentioned, everyone but Matt turned up for the celebration. Present were twins Zach and Jeremy, along with their respective wives, Tori and Audrey, and their children, Jackson and Ember Jean. Jacob’s girlfriend, Isabel Sofia Rock, was also there, as well as some of the family’s closest friends. Some members of the Roloff family shared videos of the party on Instagram Stories, as reported in another Inquisitr article.

Interestingly, Amy’s boyfriend, Chris Marek, was also at the party, although he was not part of the group photo that Amy posted on Monday.

“This gathering happened the other day, all of my kids were at the Farm house to celebrate Jacob’s 21st birthday early” Amy said. “What a fun and blessed time being all together! Of course this momma and grandma was happy and loved it!” that

While the event was all about Jacob, some followers couldn’t help but question Amy why her ex-husband, Matt, was not around.

“Where’s Poppa Matt,” asked one follower.

“Where’s Matt,” asked el-bear.

“The dad is missing,” chlboyerousseau pointed out.

“Where is Matt,” asked Disney_mommy_of_3. “Was he invited to his sons 21st birthday?”

As mentioned, some fans started with simple queries as to where Matt was before other followers began putting in their two cents about the awkward family situation. Others seemed angry at Amy over Matt’s absence, reported Cafe Mom.

“It would be nice if you all could put the past aside and include Matt and his GF to special family events,” said vagirl901. “My 25 yr old told me when he has kids, he doesn’t wanna have his baby go to 2 different homes. Both u and Matt have moved on. Come together at least for your kids and grand babes.”

“Matt likes to play the martyr and I wouldn’t want my former friend and employee/Hubbys girlfriend around,” said carmenmagsi.

“With everybody but Matt, so sad,” said morepeppernme. “Everybody looks great tho…”

“Matt should’ve been there with his girlfriend as these are his children also,” said eacole115.

Matt said on Facebook that he was leaving for Arizona. It’s not clear, however, if the photo, which he posted on January 8, and the flight happened before, during, or after the party for Jacob. The best explanation fans came up with regarding Matt’s absence from the party is that he was not invited or he chose not to go because of the awkward situation with Amy and Chris.

“This is Amy’s house,” said lilostrove. “They divorced & he has his own place & can have them over as well. They’re not obligated to invite each other over for anything…”

Matt is probably still in Arizona visiting his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. In fact, Matt posted a short video on Instagram showing Caryn and a particular house, which left some fans speculating that the two are house hunting.

Another follower took things a step further by accusing the Roloff children of not wanting to be photographed with Matt.

“Kind of funny how the kids won’t take a picture with there [sic] father like that and post it,” said another follower named c45906. “If it was not for him they would not have everything they have.”

Other Little People, Big World fans took the time to answer these allegations and correct the commenter’s mistakes.

“You are assuming something you know nothing about,” said another fan. “They actually have taken pictures with him, all of them.”

“Educate yourself, if it wasn’t for Amy those kids wouldn’t be here,” said hazeljw23.

“They do take pics with him go to his Instagram,” said lisa_stark3.

Fans were also wondering who the lady in red and the baby in the photo were. One person guessed wrong when she said that the woman and her child were Molly’s husband, Joel’s sister and niece, respectively. Amy, herself, answered in the comment section saying that the woman is a family friend and that she was with her baby daughter. Her husband, Daniel or Dan, wasn’t able to come to the party, according to Amy.

The woman is actually Erica Meichtry, husband of Dan, a close friend of Zach and Jeremy, while the baby is their daughter, Brooklyn Rose. Zach, Jeremy, and Dan have been friends since their kindergarten years. They call their group the DBU or Dune Boys United.

Izzy tagged Erica and jokingly thanked her in the comments for taking care of her “mystery baby,” as some fans assumed the child was hers.

One follower, a certain jason_platz, targeted Jeremy before training his sights at other fans who called him out for being rude.

The uncouth follower first said that Jeremy “looks like a complete douche nozzle.” He then called other followers “fatty,” “old hag,” and “old c***.”

Despite some negativity brought about by some followers, the photo shared by Amy mostly garnered positive votes. Many of the comments even praised the beautifully framed photos of the Roloff children and their loved ones on the wall behind the family.

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