Melania Trump Trolled With People Shaming Her Tweet Of Praise

Melania Trump took a few minutes to tweet out a few words of praise along with a thank you, which was posted on Twitter Tuesday. It contained nothing even remotely controversial and it was seemingly meant to celebrate the spirit of the day, but it didn’t take long for it to turn into something else via a few disparaging tweets.

Tuesday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and to honor the occasion Melania took to Twitter thanking the men and women in blue across the nation in her tweet. Again there was nothing in the words that would suggest she meant anything but a thank you, but people still found a way to make it into an issue.

This was a day to show your appreciation to the men and women who keep you safe and who are just a phone call away any time of the day or night if they are needed. The National Cops Organization website shared all the different things people were doing Tuesday to show their support of the members of this nation’s law enforcement. This ranged from wearing the color blue to changing your social media picture to reflect the day with an image they provided.

It was a special day that Melania didn’t let pass by without offering a shoutout of support. Melania wrote: “Thank you to the brave men & women who sacrifice so much to protect & keep us safe. We appreciate all that you & your families do! #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay.” According to Blasting News, while this tweet “seems innocent,” critics found a reason to “hit back” at the First Lady.

President Trump has made no secret of his respect and devotion to the men and women in law enforcement across the nation and it appeared that Melania Trump shares that same mindset, indicated by her tweet. Blasting News suggests that it was those “who oppose the administration” who chimed in with a rebuttal to Melania’s tweet. That tweet is seen below.

Once that tweet appeared, people somehow found a way to use this tweet to present questions about Robert Mueller, who is the special counsel in today’s Russian investigation. Another tweet painted a picture of these men and women in blue that Melania offered thanks to in her tweet. They write, “Melania, do you realize that men and women from law enforcement agencies will be picking up your husband and your stepchildren after the indictments?”

Another Twitter user asked her where her staff of writers were as she tweets out “the same crap every time.” People even jumped in to say they would support her if she did happen to leave her husband, which had nothing remotely in common with her tweet.

Another Twitter user seemed to turn armchair detective for the purpose of their comment. They write that the picture, which was taken back on “10/23” was an indication that it was her staff that sent out that tweet stating that “Melania is pretty much MIA lately.” Others also noted that the picture Melania tweeted was from back in the fall and wondered where she is today. One Twitter user even suggested she was being held hostage and this tweet was posted by someone else, which is seen in one of the examples below.

The criticism over this tweet was relentless despite it being nothing more than a thank you to the men and women in law enforcement across this nation. A few samples of these tweets appear below.

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