UFC Star TJ Dillashaw Calls Out Demetrious Johnson, Says He’s Not Afraid To Fight

Recent remarks made by UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw provided some stinging commentary with regard to Conor McGregor. Dillashaw mentioned McGregor by name when talking about some MMA stars being “scared to fight.” While Dillashaw isn’t trying to taunt McGregor into a fight, his comments are aimed at another fighter in a different weight class. Could Dillashaw’s latest comments be the fuel for the fire that pushes the fight he wants to finally get scheduled?

In a report on Tuesday from Flo Combat, Dillashaw brought up the concept of some fighters being scared to fight or afraid to defend their titles. In particular, he seemed to be alluding to the fact that maybe the current UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson is avoiding a fight with him. Dillashaw is looking to become the next dual-champion by fighting in the lower weight class against Johnson. However, he feels that fight has been eluding him so far even though Dillashaw has been begging for it from UFC President Dana White.

“They always talk about Demetrious Johnson and what record he’s about to break. They always talk about Demetrious Johnson and the win streak he’s on or Demetrious Johnson being No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. But they’re never talking about Demetrious Johnson and who he’s fighting. Now he has a chance to lose, and that’s a scary thing for him.

“I am that person. I’m that person that’s going to bring that threat.”

Dillashaw continued to say that he felt insulted by the current UFC flyweight champion when Johnson said TJ couldn’t make the weight class and that he wasn’t worthy of the title fight. He also believes Johnson is scared to fight him and said he wants to show Johnson and the world exactly what he’s capable of.


With a 15-3 record for his career, the UFC bantamweight champion is currently on a three-fight win streak ever since his split decision loss to Dominick Cruz. Dillashaw lost the title to Cruz back in that fight in January of 2016, but ultimately regained it at this past year’s UFC 217 when he scored a technical knockout on Cody Garbrandt.

Johnson holds a 27-2-1 record and has held onto the flyweight championship ever since it was introduced via a tournament back in 2012. He’s now successfully defended that title 11 times without a loss with the most recent victory coming over Ray Borg at UFC 216. Still, one man is anxious to give him that first loss in over five years.

If TJ Dillashaw can get that flyweight title fight and defeat Demetrious Johnson, it would make him the only UFC star beside Conor McGregor to have held two different titles from different weight classes at the same time. To further drive his point home about being scared, he even brought up “The Notorious,” saying, “I’m not a Conor McGregor. I’m going to be active defending my belts. I’m not afraid to fight.” Now it’s up to Dana White to set it up and Demetrious Johnson to agree to it.

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