Thomas Gibson Looks Back On ‘The Age Of Innocence’ And Career Highlights Of Over 30 Years

Thomas Gibson recently posted a photo of himself from the 1993 film The Age of Innocence. It is hard to realize how much time has passed, but the photo on the Instagram post shown below is 25 years old. Gibson often revisits his past, both by posting old photos and by visiting his childhood home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thomas Gibson was born and raised in Charleston, combing beaches and playing in the surf with his sisters. That was clearly Gibson’s age of innocence, long before he made any movies.

From a very young age though, Thomas Gibson knew he was going to become an actor one day. Thomas starred in Children’s Theater starting at the age of 9, according to The Famous People, working toward his goals. Eventually, Gibson received a full scholarship to Juilliard.

While Thomas Gibson is best known for his role as Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds and perhaps his part as Greg on Dharma and Greg, the rest of his career was impressive. Thomas Gibson has starred in Broadway plays and done Shakespearean plays as well.

Thomas Gibson once told Tavis Smiley of PBS that versatility was a definition of success as an actor.

“I think that, if you ask any actor what would be the definition of success for them would be to work on as many different kinds of things as possible.”

Both on and off Broadway, Thomas Gibson was a well-trained stage actor for many years, but eventually broke into television and movies. Thomas transitioned well from Shakespeare to soap operas like the Guiding Light before breaking into prime time TV and award-winning films like Far and Away.

Thomas Gibson dressed for his role in The Age of Innocence.

????????age of innocence ’92 #tbt Photo: @phil.caruso

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So many lovely memories are shared through Thomas Gibson’s Instagram photos.

Minnie and the James Boys by the great Anna Cascio En Garde Arts 1990 #tbt #tbtadayearly photos: Andrew Brucker

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1000 words #tbtadayearly #realssullivan @realssullivan #momlife #kittymontgomery #ugh

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Here is a photo of Thomas Gibson and his classmates at Juilliard.

Lanford Wilson’s Balm In Gilead Group 14, 1984 Wendell Pierce, TG, Michel Gill, JC Cutler, Steve Irish, Kevin Dwyer #tbt #juilliarddrama photo: Jessica Katz

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Thomas Gibson also recounted to Tavis Smiley how much he enjoyed variety in his work. Thomas described doing a different play nearly “every night” when he was a much younger actor.

“One of the things that I’d like to get back to that I did as a younger actor was to work on, you know, a rep season for a summer where you did two or three Shakespeares and you’d do a couple of either new plays or classic plays and you did a different one almost every night. I mean, it’s an amazing experience to have that kind of variety from night to night.”

Thomas Gibson and Jenna Elfman as ‘Dharma and Greg’

Thomas Gibson has been relaxing and enjoying an extended holiday since leaving Criminal Minds. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, but frequently visits the Charleston, South Carolina area, including Sullivan’s Island. Thomas Gibson frequently flies to Los Angeles and New York as well, visiting old friends and perhaps looking for that perfect part when he is ready.

Thomas Gibson and A.J. Cook on the set of ‘Criminal Minds’

Thomas Gibson enjoys vacationing in Charleston and posting about his days in movies, theater, and Juilliard.

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