Lenovo Launches A Brand New 180-Degree Mirage VR Camera

The Chinese multinational technology company, Lenovo, along with Google came together to unveil a new gadget. The Lenovo Mirage Camera will start to ship in the second quarter of 2018 and offer plenty of functionality to consumers.

The Lenovo Mirage Camera is a point-and-shoot camera that is designed to live stream. In addition, it can record live footage at 180 degrees and also offers VR video, according to The Verge. The Lenovo camera comes equipped with two fisheye cameras that are able to record in 3D.

The device is able to store images and video locally. The collaboration between both tech giants was anything but a coincidence. The device is able to connect to Google Photos and YouTube allowing users to watch on a flat screen TV or VR headset.

The asking price will be under $300. Other features built-in into the Mira Camera is two 13-megapixel cameras. Furthermore, it can shoot video at 4K resolution with 30 frames per second. Users who buy the gadget will love the ability to stream to YouTube over a WiFi. Lenovo confirmed there will be a separate version that can stream over LTE network.

The purchase of the Lenovo Mirage Camera includes the following: a one-fourth-inch camera screw for tripos, shutter button, power button, and function button. The Lenovo product can toggle between video, live streaming, and a photo.

As stated by a CNET report, the few demo photos and videos from the Lenovo Mirage Camera seemed “ok”. The analysis goes on to describe that it is low in frame rate and not very crisp.

“The Mirage Camera has its own Snapdragon 626 processor, a microSD card slot and a battery that lasts 2 hours on a charge, recharging via USB-C. The dual 13-megapixel fisheye cameras can’t zoom: You’re meant to just capture what’s in front of you and go with the flow. As a sort of GoPro camera for a future of 3D VR, I’m not convinced I’d ever remember to use it.”

The footage captured with the Lenovo camera can be watched on Android or iOS companion app. What is very nifty about the camera it works autonomously of a smartphone device. All of this is possible once the setup of the device is completed. Conforming to above The Verge review of the product, the Mirage camera is a compromise between sophistication and easy-to-use.

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