Rose McGowan Accused Of Monetizing Her Profile And Value Amid Criticism On CAA’s ‘Time’s Up’ Movement

Rose McGowan hits back at the media backlash on her criticism of the all-black Golden Globes dress code and the “fancy” Hollywood female A-listers who backed the Time’s Up movement. She revealed in her recent tweet that Creative Artists Agency, the same agency who lobbied her and other abused women to the likes of Harvey Weinstein, is behind the initiative.

McGowan tweeted a copy of a pamphlet circulating to promote the movement’s next meeting happening on January 10. The famed whistleblower of Hollywood’s biggest sexual harassment scandal to date hits back at CCA, saying, “Why, it’s the company of pimps that sent so many into the Monster’s Lair themselves.”

She also labeled this action a “great” PR for the agency and other unscathed entities who have direct links to Weinstein and other big-time abusers to mislead and rewrite history.

According to the Daily Beast, the tweet may have incited a divide between McGowan’s most loyal advocates and the majority of the Time’s Up movement supporters.

If so, the attention would be focused on her budding Rose Army versus Time’s Up’s. In addition, fans are starting to question whether she’s willing to share the fight with other women who have a louder voice or if she’s keen on just keeping the attention to the cause on her own. All this drama is kicking in weeks before her limited series on E!, Citizen Rose, airs on the 30th.

Twitter Reaction

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are not mincing words.

“[Dear Rose], I honestly believed in your cause initially but your shift in focus to pitching against these women who are finally choosing to voice their thoughts upsets me. Call me shallow but aren’t you in a way [monetizing] your profile and value through #CitizenRose? #TimesUp” a commenter replied to McGowan’s Twitter rant against the Time’s Up movement.

Another commenter sympathized with her but felt confused towards her actions, tweeting, “I don’t understand your anger towards the #TimesUp campaign. I feel like you want me to choose between #RoseArmy and #TimesUp. I refuse to [choose]. Imagine the work you could do if both campaigns came together.” That commenter asked her to stop.

@clennon1978 wrote, “I understand that but the fact that now people are listening and acting is better than sitting by and doing nothing. It’s now impossible to hide in Hollywood if you’re a predator because women have the courage now to step forward. That’s all I’m saying, encourage the movement.”

Lyta Timmerman explained that Rose’s ramblings are even starting to sound like “she thinks nobody has had it as bad as her.”

“Women Unite. Rose is nope not with me because mine was worse. Women support each other. Rose is nope my door is closed I had it worse,” she quipped.

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