Amber Portwood Reveals Whether ‘Teen Mom’ Fame Has Changed Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood admitted that she had met Andrew Glennon while filming Marriage Boot Camp with Matt Baier. On Teen Mom OG, she revealed that she had tried to work things out with Matt because he wanted a second chance. But when he didn’t take things seriously, she decided to leave him. Shortly after splitting up, Andrew reached out to her on Twitter and it sounds like it was meant to be. Since then, Amber has enjoyed her time with Andrew and they are already expecting their first child together. She will give birth to a little baby boy later this year. Many are happy for Amber, as she seems to have found a stable man in her life. On Teen Mom OG, Andrew appeared a bit nervous but he tried to show off his gentleman moves, including holding the door open for her when they let Gary Shirley’s house.

Many were shocked that he gave her so much attention and care, especially after they had seen her fight with Matt Baier so many times. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that the Teen Mom OG fame hasn’t changed Andrew at all. As it turns out, Glennon likes to work behind the scenes and he’s not looking to score a book deal through Amber. In fact, during last night’s episode of the show, he almost appeared uncomfortable. It sounds like he would prefer to stay away from the spotlight and let Amber do her work.

On Twitter, Amber Portwood explained that Andrew is still the same gentleman that fans saw on the show. He still holds the door open for her and he still treats her with the same respect as he did when they first met. For her, things haven’t really changed much. She appears to be excited about her future, especially now that she’s expecting a little baby boy. As for Matt Baier, he is married to another woman, a friend from Las Vegas. Despite desperate attempts to get back together with Amber, including threatening suicide, she seems confident that it is the right thing to stay away from him. Andrew has since relocated to Indiana to be closer to Amber, Leah and his future son.

Amber Portwood may be excited to film the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, where fans could be meeting her son.

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