‘Dragon Ball Super’ Rumor: That Vegeta Tease Is Just A Red Herring

There has been a lot of talk lately about what’s coming next for Vegeta in the hit anime Dragon Ball Super.

The Dragon Ball community has been abuzz lately after they were treated with the preview for next week’s episode of the series.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 is called “Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta.” Despite its promising title, it is dreaded by fans of the Saiyan Prince as the synopsis teases he will be badly beaten up by Jiren, the strongest in the Universe 11 roster.

However, it actually could be the other way around and might turn out to be a game-changing episode for him as far as his strength level goes.

It all started when fans noticed something different about Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 outro when compared side by side with how he looks in the promo for Episode 123.

A Reddit user believes that the outro seems to have been strategically recolored. His way of confirming this was changing the blues in the Vegeta animation such as his eyes and hair to gray — and providing the edited Dragon Ball Super still in his post.

The Redditor says that Toei Animation likely just recolored the outro to serve as a decoy to keep upcoming events in Dragon Ball Super shrouded in mystery until Episode 123 airs.

He also points out that despite the doctoring, Vegeta still has that Ultra Instinct aura around him in the outro, which he deems as a giveaway of what’s to come despite the effort to cover it all up.

Another Reddit user agrees with the first Dragon Ball watcher, pointing out that if this is indeed what Toei is doing, this will not be the first time the studio has used recoloring animation to misdirect fans.

It has been done multiple times in the Tournament of Power arc alone, including the instance where Goku’s Ultra Instinct battle with Jiren was in the intro the whole time and the fact that it was teased Buu was going to join the tournament only for him to be replaced by Frieza at the last minute.

If there is anything that fans learned from this trick, it is usually followed by things getting crazy, as they did after the abovementioned recoloring circumstances.

If the studio is going through this trouble to keep this Vegeta power-up secret, it is likely that it will be part of the drastic, plot-twisting events Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 has in store.

It is believed that Vegeta’s different appearance between the recent episode and the upcoming one suggests he is getting the Ultra Instinct power-up next week. Getting ruthlessly defeated by Jiren could trigger it.

For now, nothing is set in stone yet, but fans are already under the impression that Vegeta will unlock a new form in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123.

However, some are not convinced he will go Ultra Instinct just yet. Instead, he is expected to unlock a form that is “bluer” than Super Saiyan Blue or one that boosts the X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken (SSBKK) form, but not quite at that UI level yet.

The ever-reliable Dragon Ball Super watcher and insider Herms98 speculates that it could end up being an X25 version of the SSBKK form only, which would still be quite the leap either way.

Some fans, however, find it odd that Toei is not hyping up Vegeta’s transformation as much as they did with that of Kafla and of course, Goku’s Ultra Instinct. This had them speculating that this new power-up for the Saiyan Prince might end up being just the typical Dragon Ball Super filler and is not as big a deal it is being made out as.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 airs Sunday, January 14 on Fuji TV.

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