Donald Trump Jr. Praises Father Over National Anthem Appearance, Social Media Rips Him To Shreds

Donald Trump Jr. is always quick to support and defend his father, President Donald Trump, and that was the case again Monday night when the president appeared at the NCAA National Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. There has been a lot of talk about the president and how he was during the national anthem at the game, but Trump Jr. thinks his father did a phenomenal job.

Video clips circulating online show the president seemingly not knowing or remembering all of the words to the national anthem. Despite the clips and subsequent criticism by many, the president’s son seems to think that this was a top-notch appearance by his dad. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a picture of President Trump during the anthem, his hand over his heart, noting that this is how it’s done.

Trump Jr. added that it’s not that hard to show some respect for one’s country and added numerous hashtags, including one about “no drama.” President Trump’s son did get plenty of support for the tweet about the president’s national anthem appearance; within just a few hours, the post had been shared about 5,000 times and liked almost 20,000 times. Numerous followers replied to Don Jr.’s tweet with comments bashing President Obama or otherwise showing their support for the current president.

However, Don Jr. got plenty of pushback as well. One popular theme among those on Twitter was to point out that former NFL player Colin Kaepernick surely knows all the words to the anthem, a reference to the president’s criticism of the “take a knee” protests orchestrated by Kaepernick. The hashtag #KaepernickKnowsTheWords spread like wildfire on Twitter, and it seems that variations of Trump’s reference to being a “stable genius” are getting plenty of play as well.

Some on Twitter pointed out that Obama knows the words to the anthem, while others used the opportunity to use the word “consensual” instead of “consequential,” a reference to a recent Twitter blunder by President Trump.

Many Twitter users are aiming to get the Kaepernick hashtag trending worldwide, and the pushback against Don Jr.’s tweet isn’t slowing down. So far, the president’s son doesn’t appear to have acknowledged any of the criticism against his father or his post, though he has shared several other things on Twitter since his national anthem post.

Whether President Donald Trump forgot the words to the national anthem or not, his son Don Jr. remains a steady source of support, as do the other members of the president’s family. This isn’t the first time that Donald Trump Jr. has posted something about his father or politics that received immense pushback, and it likely won’t be the last judging by his posting past.

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