‘Ghost Adventures’ Update: Zak Bagans Says One American Rapper Has The ‘Gift’ Of Ghost Hunting In New Episode

Zak Bagans, the long-time main host of Ghost Adventures, recently said in an interview that one American rapper has the “gift” of ghost hunting. According to TMZ, this certain rapper might have a chance at making it on the payroll permanently as a ghost-hunting pro alongside Zak Bagans and the rest of the ghost hunters on the popular Travel Channel series. Rapper and songwriter Post Malone joined the Ghost Adventures crew back in November to tape the next new upcoming episode, called “The Slaughter House.”

During an interview with the celebrity news website TMZ, Zak Bagans, 40, reportedly touted Post Malone as a newcomer with a natural gift at ghost hunting. New York native Austin Richard Post, 22, best known for his rap name Post Malone, received an invitation from Zak Bagans himself last year to step in and guest host in Tucson, Arizona. The episode was filmed at a haunted slaughterhouse that’s apparently known as the best-haunted location in the desert city of Tucson.

The Slaughterhouse, located just northwest of the University of Arizona, is also a popular event venue that was once a meatpacking plant in Tucson. According to Urban Legends Online, Farmer John’s meatpacking plant is now said to be “haunted by several ghosts,” including two young kids who were reported missing in 1964 and presumed to be dead after human remains were found inside the factory. After officially closing in 2001, as previously reported by the Tucson Citizen in August of 2001, the old slaughterhouse was renovated into “one of the most haunted attractions in the country,” according to the Travel Channel website.

The more terrifying, the better for the passionate fans of Ghost Adventures, who can tune in this Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel to watch regular hosts Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley, joined by first-time guest host Post Malone, to do a thorough investigation of the Slaughterhouse. The much-loved guys of Ghost Adventures have been promoting the next new episode of Season 15, or possibly still considered Season 14, that first aired back in September of 2017, on social media, including the personal Twitter account of Post Malone.

HotNewHipHop says to set the DVR to watch Post Malone take “his talents to the small screen” on Ghost Adventures. The article goes on to say that Post Malone is a long-time fan of Ghost Adventures and handled the guest spot like a ghost-hunting pro. Zak Bagans reportedly even said that he plans to ask the “Rockstar” rapper back to Ghost Adventures because he “didn’t back down” from the investigation, even after he reportedly felt invisible “hands wrap around his neck.”

Last November, Rolling Stone called Post Malone “one of the most popular musicians in the country.” Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans has built up quite a large loyal fanbase of its own over nearly the last decade, even though it went through a shocking change in hosts as a result of Nick Groff, 37, announcing his departure in 2014.

Ghostly Activities reported after Nick Groff left Ghost Adventures that the addition of two new “supporting investigators” to replace one original host didn’t change the “show’s demeanor” but did allegedly cause it to become “more serious.”

Wild Hunt shared on Sunday that Ghost Adventures and other reality TV shows that investigate the paranormal continue to be popular due to “human fascination” and the “need to find proof that life isn’t random,” spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs aside.

A press release from last Friday on Press Release Jet notes that filming for the upcoming Slaughterhouse episode of Ghost Adventures on Saturday, January 13 lasted for three days, and Post Malone was reported to be “visibly disturbed when he left the investigation.” Post Malone said himself that he was a “terrified man” when he arrived at the Slaughterhouse, according to the Travel Channel website. A summary of “The Slaughter House” episode on the Travel Channel website wrote that Zak Bagans was also “affected by dark energy” during the lockdown investigation.

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