Oprah Winfrey 2020 For President: Best Friend, Gayle King, Reveals Oprah’s Real Thoughts

Oprah Winfrey generated buzz over running for president in 2020 after she gave a moving speech at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday upon receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award. In her speech, she declared that “a new day is on the horizon” for women and showcased her incredible ability to reach the masses in the most eloquent way. The overwhelming support of celebrities and fans around the nation soon followed with rallies for Oprah to run against Donald Trump in 2020 for President of the United States.

When Oprah’s longtime partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that “it’s up to the people” and that “she would absolutely do it” if they wanted her to, it only added to speculations that she’d be willing to run.

Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King, who co-anchors CBS This Morning, revealed what Oprah’s real thoughts are about 2020 and clarified what Stedman thought the reporter asked him.

Winfey has rejected the idea of running in 2020 even though she told Jimmy Kimmel that after Trump won, she felt “qualified” to run for office. Now that a new wave of interest in having her campaign in 2020 has erupted, King is setting the record straight. On Tuesday’s edition of CBS This Morning, she discussed Oprah’s actual intentions and how she feels about the idea. Variety recapped her statements.

“I absolutely don’t think her position has changed,” King said. “I was up talking to her late last night. I do think she was intrigued by the idea. I do think that. I also know that after years of watching the Oprah show, you always have the right to change your mind. I don’t think at this point she is actually considering it.”

What did Stedman think when a Times reporter asked him about the potential of Oprah running for president? King explains that he thought the reporter asked if Winfrey “would make a good president.”

“And he said, ‘Absolutely, she would,'” King said. “That is how he interpreted the question. Because here’s the thing: Stedman would never so cavalierly say, ‘Absolutely she would do it. It’s up to the people.’ He would never just throw it out there like that.”

King went on to say that Oprah “loves this country,” but that her position remains the same.

“She loves this country and would like to be in service in some way, but I don’t think she is actively considering it,” King explained.

An old interview Donald Trump had with Larry King back in 1999 saw new light Monday after the call for Oprah to run against him sparked. The New York Post reports that Trump welcomed the idea of Oprah being his opponent when the time came they both ran for president.

“Oprah. I love Oprah. Oprah would always be my first choice. Oprah. Oprah, you’re competitor, right?” Trump said.

The president continued in the interview that he thought Oprah was “very special,” “terrific,” and “great.”

It’s unknown how Trump feels today about the actual reality of having the media mogul running against him. He’s been accused of being a sexual predator himself by over a dozen women and Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes confronted sexual harassment and sexual abuse. The movement is gaining steam in Hollywood and in politics with the goal of it entering other realms.

If Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey campaigned against each other in 2020 for president, it would be the most watched and intriguing campaign in modern history.

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