Jeremy Vuolo Pays Tribute To Pregnant Jinger Duggar With Ed Sheeran Song

Jinger Duggar fans are applauding her husband for making yet another romantic gesture on social media. They’re also rejoicing over Jeremy Vuolo’s choice of a secular song to celebrate his wife’s pregnancy.

By now, most of Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram followers have learned that he’s a pro at using the photo-sharing app to make himself look good; he’s made it a habit to share sweet tributes to his wife, and his sentimental social media posts usually result in the Texas pastor getting lavished with praise for treating Jinger Duggar like a princess. In response to Jeremy’s latest Instagram post, Duggar fans are hailing him as “il marito perfetto” (“the perfect husband”). They’re also letting the Counting On star know that they think that he and Jinger will be incredible parents.

The post that’s receiving such a positive reaction is one of the first that Jeremy has shared since he and Jinger Duggar broke the news that they’re expecting their first child. It’s a video that features one of the couple’s pregnancy announcement photos with music playing over it, and Jeremy’s secular song choice has surprised and delighted many of his followers; he used a version of Ed Sheeran’s pop tune “Perfect” to pay homage to his wife.

However, Jeremy Vuolo didn’t out himself as a member of the Beyhive by playing Sheeran’s duet with Beyonce. Instead, he gave his Italian heritage a nod by using the orchestral version of “Perfect” that Sheeran recorded with classical artist Andrea Bocelli.

“Sei la mia donna, stronger than anyone I know…” Jeremy captioned the video.

“Sei la mia donna” translates to “you are my woman” in Italian.

Many of Jeremy Vuolo’s followers responded to his Instagram post by praising him for being so romantic and sweet, and they also congratulated him and Jinger Duggar on their baby news.

“Congratulations, you two will make beautiful parents!” wrote one fan.

“You two are the perfect couple. Congratulations on your soon to be, family of three,” another remarked.

Jeremy’s followers also let him know that they’re big fans of his song choice.

“Just heard this version last night. Fell madly in love with it! Dedicating it to your wife is so romantic! You both are so blessed to have each other!!” read one comment.

“The PERFECT Song and the PERFECT version, no pun intended well not really but it is amazing!” wrote another fan.

Jinger Duggar previously revealed that she’s an Andrea Bocelli fan in an Instagram post that she shared on December 22. She informed her followers that Jeremy Vuolo had surprised her with a romantic candlelight dinner for her birthday and that they had listened to Bocelli’s music while they dined.

As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, many Duggar fans are finding Jinger’s open embrace of secular music rather refreshing. She previously outed herself as a fan of the Nat King Cole song “L-O-V-E” by quoting its lyrics on Instagram, and this was a big deal to Duggar fans because it was yet another big break from her conservative Christian family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have said that they discourage their children from listening to anything other than gospel songs and certain types of instrumental music, so they probably would not allow a song by a pop star like Ed Sheeran to be played in their household.

There’s no word on whether Jinger Duggar is a fan of other more risque Sheeran songs like “Shape of You” or “Bloodstream,” but it’s probably hard for some Duggar fans to imagine her listening to a tune that includes the line, “I got sinnin’ on my mind.”

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