‘Celebrity Big Brother’: ‘BBCeleb’ House Undergoing Major Change Weeks Before Highly Anticipated Premiere

The highly anticipated U.S. premiere of Celebrity Big Brother is set to air in less than a month on CBS. Recently, social media revealed that the abode’s large backyard is undergoing a major change in preparation for its new houseguests.

The house used for regular summer seasons of Big Brother will be used for Celebrity Big Brother as well, however, a very short Snapchat video features a roof being built over the backyard of the structure, Buddy TV reported Monday.

The Snapchat footage shows the backyard of the BBCeleb home and the construction going on. Featured text in the 13-second video reads, “Building a roof self climber to static.” The camera then pans up to show the semi-finished roof and what has been constructed so far.

This is the first time any Big Brother season has taken place during the winter months since the ninth season of the hit reality show, as noted by Buddy TV. The website aptly points out that Los Angeles, California, where the BBCeleb house is located, often experiences rainy weather in February so a roof is probably a very “smart idea” to protect its celebrity castmates from the elements.

In addition, the roof means that the celebrities, who will be residents of the Big Brother house for approximately a month, will be completely cut off from the outside world. The won’t even be able to gaze at the sky or grab some fresh air when they so desire, reports Buddy TV. This could lead to some interesting behavior when all is said and done.


It is unclear as to whether the roof will remain in place when Big Brother 20 begins its season in June 2018, according to Big Brother Network. The Big Brother fan site, nonetheless, speculates that the roof will likely be removed from the backyard before the summer season of the reality show begins since viewers enjoy watching houseguests perusing outside, sunbathing, and using the workout equipment provided to them.

The first season of the American version of Celebrity Big Brother premieres on Wednesday, February 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. The longtime host of Big Brother, Julie Chen, returns to take the helm of BBCeleb as well.

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