‘Vikings’ Season 5 Episode 8: Two Major Characters Might Get Killed In Civil War In ‘The Joke’ [Spoilers]

Fans have been expecting a bloody civil war since the premiere of Vikings Season 5. After all, the teasers and trailers for the History series have made a point of promoting a major battle between Lagertha and Ivar the Boneless, who is still seeking vengeance for the death of his mother Aslaug. The fight is finally set to happen in the eighth episode this Wednesday, but could this mean that two more characters will meet their end in “The Joke”?

In Vikings Season 5 Episode 7, Bjorn finally returned to Kattegat to support his mother Lagertha in the war against Ivar the Boneless and King Harald Finehair. Both parties are shown discussing their plan of attack, with Lagertha choosing to meet the fight on land. Interestingly, Astrid also revealed to Harald that she is pregnant in “Full Moon.” The revelation has led to speculations that Harald’s new queen might not survive the civil war in Vikings Season 5 Episode 8.

There have long been speculations that at least two major characters will get killed off in the fifth season. The poster for Vikings Season 5 featured all the major characters, with two notable exceptions. Fans have noticed that Astrid is not present in the poster and it looks like Harald Finehair is slitting the throat of a woman who resembles her. In addition to that, Hvitserk is nowhere to be found.

There is a possibility that Astrid’s pregnancy will force her to stay away from the battlefield in Vikings Season 5 Episode 8. However, some believe that she is too much like Lagertha, who once joined Ragnar Lothbrok in battle although she was pregnant with Kalf’s child. Unfortunately, it is possible that Astrid will not be as lucky as the Queen of Kattegat. Nevertheless, fans are hoping she will survive and play a larger role towards the end of the season.

Hvitserk’s survival is more unlikely, especially because he had chosen to stand with Ivar the Boneless instead of Ubbe. There are speculations that Hvitserk might be Ivar’s next victim in Vikings Season 5 Episode 8. Interestingly, Alex Hogh Andersen had an ominous response when asked by Bustle whether his character will kill another brother.

“Everybody should kind of fear for their safety when they’re around Ivar, especially when he’s doing so well leading the Great Heathen Army.”

Will Astrid get killed in “The Joke”? Could Ivar the Boneless commit fratricide all over again? Vikings Season 5 Episode 8 will air on History on January 10.


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