Meghan Markle Wedding Prep: Serena Williams Reportedly Helping Future Bride Get Some ‘Junk In The Trunk’

Meghan Markle has found a surefire way to ensure that no perky posterior overshadows her own when she and Prince Harry walk down the aisle. According to a recent report, the future royal has enlisted the help of a living sports legend to make her backside look its best before she slips on her wedding dress.

As many royal watchers likely remember, Pippa Middleton’s butt almost stole the spotlight away from Kate Middleton on her wedding day. A source close to Meghan Markle recently claimed that the American actress is figuratively working her own butt off to make sure that something similar doesn’t happen to her. The supposed insider told the Daily Star that Markle is currently following a special fitness routine designed to make her butt bigger. The weight lifting workout was allegedly recommended by her friend, tennis pro Serena Williams.

“Meghan told Serena she wants to have a strong but sexy physique when she walks down the aisle. She doesn’t want to be super-skinny,” the source revealed. “So Serena drew up the plans for a body-boosting, four-month weights regime that will give her some junk in the trunk.”

According to the insider, Serena Williams has Meghan Markle lifting weights twice a day to tone and sculpt her body.

“She’s not lifting the kind of huge weights that turned Serena into a sporting beast of sorts, but it’s still a really tough workout.”

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams have been friends for years

However, Serena Williams has previously said that lifting weights is not her preferred method of staying in shape. In 2015, she told the New York Times that she won’t “touch a weight” out of fear of bulking up. Instead, she incorporates the use of resistance bands into her workout routines.

“I’m ready super fit and super cut, and if I even look at weights, I get bigger,” Williams said.

Meghan Markle has spoken at length about her own workout habits, and she also isn’t big on lifting weights. During an interview with Women’s Health, she revealed that she’d rather do yoga or go for a run. But if she wants to have her own Pippa Middleton moment on her wedding day, she may want to start doing a lot more cardio. According to Insider, Kate Middleton’s little sister loves running, cycling, and swimming. Pippa can also credit her fit physique to having a competitive streak; she’s often training for a triathlon or marathon. She reportedly added Pilates classes to the mix to get in shape for her May 2017 wedding.

As reported by InStyle, Meghan Markle has raved about Megaformer Pilates classes, saying that she saw immediate changes in her body after just two sessions on the Megaformer machine. She and Pippa seem to have a lot in common when it comes to their fitness routines, but the women have been dogged by rumors that they aren’t exactly BFFs. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Pippa didn’t want Meghan to attend her wedding ceremony because she feared that she would get upstaged by Prince Harry’s future bride. The actress was nowhere to be seen when Pippa walked down the aisle, but E! News reported that Meghan did score an invite to the wedding reception.

Pippa Middleton’s toned posterior was the talk of Will and Kate’s wedding.

So will whatever Meghan Markle is doing to get in shape for her wedding save her from being upstaged by Pippa Middleton? Or will Serena Williams show up and steal the spotlight from both fitness fanatics? Royal watchers will find out when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot on May 19.

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