‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Cody And Jessica Destroy ‘BB19’ Souvenirs – CBS Memorabilia Wrecked

Big Brother spoilers promise that we’ve got about a month to wait until the celebrity edition but, in the meantime, BB19 alumni Jessica and Cody are keeping fans amused. Although Cody has said in his recent Reddit AMA that he wants to stay out of the public eye, he and Jessica now have their own YouTube channel they’ve dubbed ‘Living Jody’ and they recently shared a video of them getting packages of memorabilia from CBS. Some they plan to keep, some to sell for charity, but some souvenirs they destroyed.

Big Brother Sends Houseguests Home With Mementos

As a BB fan, if you ever wondered what the houseguests get to take home with them, this is an exciting video for that information alone. From Jessica and Cody’s comments, it sounds like houseguests usually come home with their goody boxes from the finale, but Jody was packing for the Amazing Race at that time, and they started the other reality show just five days after the final episode of Big Brother 19. So it wasn’t until January 5 that Jody got their boxes shipped to them from CBS and unpacked them on video, with amusing commentary.

The gist of the video, which you can watch in full below, is that Big Brother lets competitors keep their silly costumes, their BB key that is part of the memory wall, branded merch, and other trinkets from competitions. They also get to keep their Big Brother comics, and when Jessica saw hers, she said, “This is a really cool moment” because it’s the first time she saw her Hex Symbol comic in person. Jessica is also planning to hang lots of their memorabilia on a wall in her apartment.

Remember The Halting Hex?

Jessica said she was “excited because I’ve got my Halting Hex” and showed off the spell book that came with her advantage. Jessica said she “begged” Big Brother production to let her keep it because it “was so cool” that America voted to give it to her. She said the other reason she valued it so much was that it gave her and Cody more time together in the house, but added she’s sorry it “didn’t work the way” she was hoping since it didn’t save them both.

When Jessica pulled out from the package her Big Brother key from the memory wall, she said “I’m really stoked” and added, “I’m going to frame all of this stuff.” But Jessica didn’t mean “all” of it since some of the souvenirs won’t survive for too long, according to the video. Jessica and Cody paused sifting their booty to give a shout-out to BB18‘s Natalie Negrotti for her good performance on MTV’s The Challenge and said they are “so proud of you.”

Toad Costumes To Be Torched

When Jessica was unpacking her box, they came across the V-Toad costumes, and the duo said, “these costumes are being burned 100%” before tossing them aside. They didn’t torch the costumes on the video, but that might make a great follow-up video since both seemed quite intent on destroying the hated outfits. Cody said getting the boxes was great because “I’ve always wanted to know what you get to keep.” It looks like it’s a decent amount of stuff since the boxes were large.

“Greedy” Houseguests

Jessica pulled out a cast photo and then showed the gear from the weather comp. Jessica said that one was the “most fun” and she also had a jacket from the trivia comp. Of interest, is that what really excited them was a Big Brother branded coffee mug. Jess and Cody shared that production would put merch in the storage closet, there was enough for all of them. These items included coffee mugs, beach towels, and more but said some of their fellow houseguests “were really greedy.”

Jess said the other HGs would run to the storage room “and they would grab it all and steal it and hide it” and never tell her and Cody that there were items in there even though there was enough for everyone. She said they were the “only two that didn’t get a lot of the merchandise” because the other houseguests “are greedy as all hell.” It would be interesting to know which of the other BB19 houseguests walked out with the most merchandise.

Friendship Bracelet Destroyed, Voodoo Dolls to Be Sold

Jessica and Cody showed the voodoo dolls Christmas used to curse them as V-Toads. Jessica described them as “super creepy,” and Cody wanted to destroy them, but Jess said no. Instead, they plan to “sell them for charity” and “turn a curse into a blessing for someone.” Since they’re Big Brother props, Jessica is probably right about them having value. Cody also revealed that his box had fewer items because he threw things out including his weather comp shirt and other gear while still in the BB house.

When Jessica dug out the friendship bracelet that Paul gave her when he came into the house, she said “whoo babe, here you go” and handed it to Cody since Paul didn’t give him one. Cody marched into the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors, and relished cutting it into tiny pieces. Jessica told him that he had to clean it up and he scooped the pieces and considered flushing them before he put them in the trash instead. Trashing the bracelet brought a big smile to Cody’s face.

You can see what Jessica got in her BB box and Cody hack up the bracelet and trash talk other BB19 houseguests. Be sure to check out Paul’s Reddit AMA to see him blame his second consecutive loss on a jury pact against him. Also, with less than a month until Big Brother Celebrity Edition, check out casting scoop from Perez Hilton plus leaked CBBUS casting rumors and the complete BB schedule so you can set your DVR. Check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.

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