Courtney Stodden Begs Doug Hutchison To Reconcile One Week Before The Couple Finalizes Their Divorce

Courtney Stodden, 23, took to her Instagram account to post a video in which she publicly pleaded for a reconciliation with her husband of six years, 57-year-old Doug Hutchison. Courtney’s pleas have come one week before the once controversial couple’s divorce is finalized, according to People magazine.

“I need this man back in my life… I need him to come help me. I need him to want our marriage to work. He’s been my only solid rock. Doug, if you read this — this is a public cry for your undying love.”

While reminiscing about their happier times, Stodden shared an old photo from their 2011 nuptials, which made headlines due to Stodden marrying Hutchison when she was 16-years-old and the actor was 51-years-old.

The Celebrity Big Brother alum and Hutchison separated back in 2013, but reconciled nine months later. In 2016, Doug and Courtney officially called it quits months after Stodden suffered a miscarriage. According to Stodden, the miscarriage “deeply” affected their marriage, People magazine reported.

In the past several weeks, Courtney posted a series of videos in which she is sobbing and discusses her bouts of depression since Doug Hutchison moved away.

“So, obviously, I’ve been crying — again… I just want to be honest with you guys about some things. Me and my husband have been going through a really rough time — separation, and ultimately divorce, coming up in a week. I’ve, at the last minute, realized that I don’t want it and I want to try to make things work.”

Courtney said that since she’s been separated from Doug, she’s dived into a deep depression. Stodden said that she’s realized that she never deserved to be with Hutchison in the first place.

“I love him so much and I need him back in my life. I just need him to come help me and be with me and I love him.”

On Monday, Stodden posted an update to her previous status in which she was begging Hutchison to reconcile. Courtney said that she was in a very vulnerable, emotional, and confusing place. She goes on to explain that her estranged husband never thought that she would “yo-yo” when it comes to their relationship. Courtney said that her leaving and returning to the relationship has been a pattern for the last six years and feels as if no one will love her or “stick around.”

Stodden added that as the divorce looms closer, she finds herself having second thoughts about their relationship. However, she realized that she was just fearful of letting Hutchison go. Stodden then says that she needs to become a whole person, love herself, and become more independent. Stodden asserts that she needs to rebuild a bond with her family and explore love in different aspects of her life. Courtney vows to take control of her life and hopes that she and Doug remain close.

In February of 2017, Stodden opened up about her split from Hutchison. Stodden said that the couple had not signed divorce papers, but they had been legally separated for nearly three months.

“I’m also trying to take things slow because I love him and it’s really hard on him… it’s extremely sensitive.”

The Celebrity Big Brother alum said that she didn’t have any regrets and that is not the way she chooses to live.

“I don’t really want to live that way and harp on something I feel like I shouldn’t have done.”

Stodden, who is on medication for her mental health disorder, can no longer rely on Hutchison for support and has turned to music to lift her spirits.

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