Heather Dubrow Accused Of Having No Manners: Were ‘RHOC’ Fans Right About Her Bad Attitude?

Heather Dubrow has always been labeled as someone who feels she’s better than other people. Her very own Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars have said that she’s high maintenance and likes things and people to be certain ways to suit her. Some of the viewers have called for her to be fired many times because they felt that she was too pretentious to be on the show. Dubrow previously announced that she was leaving the show, as she wanted to focus on her family. Her husband, Terry Dubrow, has revealed that she seems less stressed after having left The Real Housewives of Orange County behind.

Even though Heather isn’t on the show anymore, she’s still known for her role on The Real Housewives of Orange County. This week, Alexis Stone revealed a makeover, where Stone presented a photo of what looked like Heather Dubrow. The makeup looks amazing, but Dubrow said that it looked hideous. According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow slammed the work of the makeup artist, revealing that she couldn’t see how it looked like her. Perhaps she misunderstood the photo, but she had nothing nice to say. Luckily, Stone didn’t take it personally and had quite the comeback for the former reality star.

When Alexis Stone shared the transformation photo with Heather, the reality star replied that the photo looked hideous and questioned whether Stone thought she would look better with surgery. She ended the tweet with “whatever,” as if to imply she didn’t care what the transformation was about. But Stone fired back, revealing that Heather would look better with some manners. Alexis continued, revealing that the producers of Botched, the show featuring Heather’s husband, had asked her to transform into Heather. Since Stone had no idea who Heather was, she had to Google the former reality star. Maybe this is the reality check that Heather needs, as some fans are growing tired of her attitude. While Stone may have been surprised at first at Heather’s reply, many Real Housewives of Orange County fans will just say that she has proven this attitude before.

To check out Alexis Stone’s transformation, head over to the official Instagram page.

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