‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Is Running Scared, Wants To Disappear With Nathan And Their Baby

It is about to get real on ABC’s General Hospital this week as the news that Faison is Nathan West’s father has come to light. Poor Maxie is fretting so much about this recent revelation that she is willing to do anything to make sure her and Nathan’s baby is safe. That could mean leaving Port Charles for good.

A new preview that General Hospital posted on social media shows the unfortunate effects of learning that longtime villain Cesar Faison is your child’s grandfather. It was bad enough that Liesl Obrecht made Nathan and Maxie believe that Victor Cassadine was Nathan’s long-lost daddy, but Faison is a whole different ball game. Now that the real truth has been exposed, Maxie is scared for her growing family.

In the preview clip, Maxie is seen with Mac Scorpio asking him for his help to make her and Nathan disappear. This means that she is running scared and will do everything she can to protect her family, especially the baby that she is carrying. Will Mac help her out?

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that the expectant mom will be having a week full of worrisome nightmares that will leave her terrified. Those dreams will supposedly lead her to go to Mac for help to make sure that she, Nathan, and the baby are safe from Faison. More spoilers hint that it is possible that Nathan will be doing the complete opposite. He is expected to do his best to try to find his father instead of running away from him.

This whole mess could eventually cause friction between Maxie and Nathan. It could also have a negative effect on the pregnancy. You can’t blame Maxie for being worried about their current situation. Nathan’s newfound daddy is a scary dude.

Cesar Faison is quite the sinister character who has popped up through the years on General Hospital. He has not been seen on the soap since 2014 when he left Port Charles again. However, he may just pop up unexpectedly one of these days before this storyline is over with. After all, his daughter Britt made it back to Port Charles for a short stint recently.

There is also another person to consider. Rumor has it that newcomer, Peter August, is actually Faison’s other son and also the traitor who is involved in the Jason/Drew fiasco. That information has not yet come to light, but it was revealed that Faison is on the run from the traitor who Spinelli believes is his son, and it certainly wouldn’t be Nathan that he is running from. This would mean that Maxie may have even more to fear than just Faison. Having both the baby’s grandfather and uncle as evil villains could send her over the edge.

Stay tuned to General Hospital in the coming days to see what Mac Scorpio will say to Maxie’s request to disappear.

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