Cards Against Humanity And Retailers Criticized For Selling ‘Jew Pack,’ Mocking Holocaust

The card game Cards Against Humanity has always been known as an edgy and popular party game, but many people believe that the creators of an expansion pack have crossed a line with their “Jew Pack.” Cards Against Humanity is also calling this extension the “Chosen People Pack,” mocking the Holocaust and making Anne Frank jokes, oddly marketed for the holidays as “a great stocking stuffer.” Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon were all selling the “Jew Pack” of Cards Against Humanity through the holidays, though Target and Walmart have now pulled the Cards Against Humanity expansion pack which has offended Jews and others.

Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise In Popular Culture

Anti-Semitism is becoming more normalized as people have been photographed at a Washington, D.C., restaurant White Nationalist fundraiser posing in a Nazi salute, while a popular YouTuber known as PewDiePie found himself dropped by Disney and Google for his own anti-semitic language.

Swedish Youtuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, paid people in India to hold up signs that read “Death to All Jews” for one of his videos, saying that he thought it would be funny. A rep for Disney-owned Maker Studio said that they decided to sever their professional relationship with PewDiePie.

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate. Maker Studios has made the decision to end our affiliation with him going forward.”

But some of the damage was already done as PewDiePie has a following made up largely of children.

Cards Against Humanity Offended Many With It’s ‘Jew Pack’

It was customers of leading retailers Target and Walmart that pushed to have the Cards Against Humanity “Jew Pack” removed from shelves, says the New York Post. The Cards Against Humanity “Jew Pack” or “Chosen People Pack” contained cards that shared ways to “torture Jews” and made jokes about Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s genitals.

Many Twitter users were appalled and called for the immediate removal of the Cards Against Humanity “Jew Pack” from stores. Target released a statement apologizing for selling the Anti-Semitic card game.

“We are aware of this extended card pack of the game Cards Against Humanity and are in the process of removing it from our stores. We apologize for any disappointment as it is never our intention to offend our guests with the products we carry.”

After Target pulled the “Jew Pack” of Cards Against Humanity, Walmart also removed the product the following week. As of this morning, Amazon was still selling the Cards Against Humanity “Jew Pack.

Target And Walmart Pulled The ‘Jew Pack’ From Shelves But Amazon Didn’t

The Times of Israel shared some of the more offensive Cards Against Humanity cards from the “Jew Pack” which was released a year ago and had been sold by major retailers for some time.

“Can’t you see? The Jews are behind everything — the banks, the media, even_______.”

“The part of Anne Frank’s diary where she talks about her vagina.”

Cards Against Humanity players are encouraged to fill in the blanks or answer the questions provocatively.

TMZ shared additional cards and photos of the Cards Against Humanity “Jew Pack” on Target shelves marked as clearance. One card spoke about torture.

“Torturing Jews until they say they are not Jews anymore.”

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