First ‘PUBG’ Xbox One Update Of 2018 Adds First-Person Mode And Aim Acceleration Options, Addresses Car Meta

Bluehole stayed busy over the holidays with small updates to the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The first update of 2018 brings more significant changes to the battle royale shooter with the additions of the first-person mode, better controller configuration options, performance enhancements, and crash fixes.

The 4.5GB update to PUBG was made available to Xbox One owners early Monday morning. Console owners should not expect this update to sold all the issues with the game, but it is a solid step in addressing the on-going issues with crashes and the framerate dropping well below 30 frames per second (fps).

The first thing PUBG players will notice is the addition of the FPP solo matchmaking queue. This is the first bout of first-person action on the console, as only third-person has been available since the title first hit the Xbox Game Preview program.

The difficulty with adding multiple game mode options to PUBG is ensuring the player population is large enough to support different queues of 100 players. Bluehole obviously thinks there is enough to support at least the FPP solo mode for now, which means first-person Duos and Squad modes should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Another important change with Monday’s PUBG update is the ability to adjust controller aim acceleration. For those that don’t know, aim acceleration makes turning move gradually faster and faster the longer the right thumbstick is held in one direction. This is not always ideal for a game like PUBG, where quick, precise movements can win an engagement.

The new update adds an in-game option to turn aim acceleration off completely at zero (0) or turn it all the way up to 10. Those who set the option to zero will want to adjust the controller sensitivity settings higher.

Bluehole has also taken a first pass at adjusting to the “car meta” in PUBG, where players will simply drive around to avoid getting killed and/or use their vehicle to kill other players. Weapon damage has been increased against vehicles, and the developers will monitor to see if any additional tweaks are necessary.

Finally, the developers behind PUBG continue to address crashes and performance issues with the game. “A number of known crashes” has been addressed while the frames per second have also been slightly increased thanks to various performance enhancements and optimizations. PUBG players in the Reddit community immediately noticed improvements, especially in the opening stages of a match, where performance is known to be worse with the server trying to handle 100 players and the console trying to render all the necessary graphics at once.

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