Oprah For President: Many Are Ready For Woman President As ‘O For Oval Office’ Mantra Emerges

Social media is buzzing with the prospect of Oprah as the next president of this nation, with Tom Hanks as a running mate, after the Golden Globes Awards started the ball rolling last night. Mainstream media is also picking up on the prospect, with many posts from the popular social media sites backing the thought today.

Folks on social media are all over this and have been for the past few years when it comes to the naysayers about America’s readiness for a woman as president. They weren’t with the choice given in 2016, but it was the choice, not the gender, which is what many are reporting online. The buzz today is “O for Oval Office,” reports Fox & Friends on Monday morning.

When the Los Angeles Times asked Stedman Graham, Oprah’s longtime partner, on the possibility of Oprah making a run for the office of the president, he didn’t laugh it off. His very serious answer threw more fuel on that “Oprah for President” mantra dancing in people’s heads this morning.

Fox & Friends on Monday were right on top of the Oprah for president buzz, which is the talk around the watercoolers across America today. According to the co-hosts, Oprah has already seen for herself that a political outsider can win the presidential race in this day and age, which was seen with Donald Trump. While Donald Trump and Oprah are totally different people, they still have some things in common that they bring or will bring to a run at the White House. They are also both self-made and highly successful business entities.

The co-hosts and the guests on Fox & Friends debated the “Oprah for President” phenomenon that started with the Golden Globe Awards last night, and while she certainly has the popularity to win, thoughts on Oprah having the stomach for this type of life emerge, as it is not easy. The thought of America being ready for a woman president is running rampant across social media, with many pointing to Hillary Clinton’s loss.

For those who claim Hillary lost because she is a woman, there are others pointing out that it was Clinton’s actions that kept her out of the top office of the nation. The thoughts about electing a woman president are seen below in a few sample tweets from over the last two years.

Last night’s “Oprah for President” started with Seth Meyers’ opening monologue at the Golden Globe Awards. Meyers told Oprah she would “never be president,” which was much like telling someone to “break a leg” before going on stage. Meyers said how he once made the statement that Trump would never be president, and the opposite happened.

So to play it safe, he turned to Oprah and said, “Oprah, you will never be president! You do not have what it takes to be president.”

He jokingly made the same type of statement to Oprah with hopes of the same outcome.

He also referred to Tom Hanks as a vice president, saying, “And Hanks, where’s Hanks? You will never be vice president. You are too mean and unrelatable.”

Oprah’s moving speech while collecting her Cecil B. DeMille Award blew the audience away both at home and at the event. You can see Oprah on stage making that speech in the video above.

Her speech was so moving that the Los Angeles Times writes, “Oprah Winfrey may not be running for president — yet — but on Sunday, it felt like she was kicking off her campaign.”

The theme of Oprah running for president picked up steam as the night went on, with social media becoming like ground zero for her campaign kick-off.

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