WWE News: John Cena Speaks Out About Those Heel Turn Rumors

WWE superstar John Cena surprised the WWE universe last week when he announced that he was entering the 2018 Royal Rumble. At last year’s Royal Rumble, Cena defeated Roman Reigns to tie Ric Flair’s record of 16 world championship wins, so it surprised many to hear that this year’s first major PPV event will see Cena enter the battle royal itself. We have become used to seeing Cena come back from his movie and TV commitments into a high profile singles match, and few fans doubt that the leader of the Cenation will eventually claim that record-breaking championship win.

The WWE rumor mill suggests that Cena will win the Royal Rumble to set up yet another championship match at WrestleMania 34. Cena remains a free agent so, in theory, at least, he could be used to feud with anyone on the WWE roster. Cena’s match with AJ Styles at last year’s Royal Rumble was widely considered one of the best matches of 2017, but according to WBLZ Media, his opponent at this year’s WrestleMania is likely to be another part-time star.

That rumor at least leaves open the possibility of a dream match. Fans have been clamoring for what seems like an age to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker.

A poll conducted by the WWE on the run-up to last year’s WrestleMania showed that Cena vs. The Undertaker is the match that most fans want to see. A similar poll here on the Inquisitr last November showed that almost 60 percent of fans want to see that match at WrestleMania 34.

There can be little doubt that WWE wrestling fans would like to see Cena and The Undertaker split their current tie in match wins. The two superstars have faced each other five times and have two wins each, the fifth match ended with no result. If there is one thing that the WWE universe would like to see more than Cena vs. The Deadman, it is Cena taking a heel turn.

Is John Cena Set To Turn Heel – Here’s What He Thinks

For most of his WWE career, John Cena has been promoted as “the face that runs the place,” but many fans would love to see Cena take a heel turn. According to Wrestling Inc., WWE commissioner Stephanie McMahon even fought to turn Cena heel. According to Digital Spy, Cena is well aware of the fans’ desire to see him take a heel turn, but it seems that he is not convinced.

Cena says that he is aware that fans want to see him turn, but admits that if he turned heel fans would just “rag on me about something else.” Cena went on to say that if he took a heel turn, he would be “turning his back on those that he cares about.”

Cena’s comments suggest that he is not about to turn heel anytime soon. Of course, as anyone with even a passing interest in WWE wrestling knows, you never say never in the WWE.

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