Golden Globes: Rose McGowan Slams Hypocritical Hollywood, Weinstein Accusers Allege They Were Not Invited

Rose McGowan is accusing all the stars that showed up at the Golden Globes wearing black of hypocrisy.

According to the Huffington Post, the Charmed star blasted the famous females for their double standards, adding that they failed to take a stand against sexual abuse even when they knew it was rampant in the industry.

The 44-year-old actress pointed out that they were now taking a collective stand against the scandal, only after she went public with her allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

In an interview obtained by The Guardian in October 2016, McGowan spoke about being raped by a studio head in a hotel room, aged 23. She revealed that even though she had physical proof of the assault including three surgeries on her wrist and elbow, she received legal advice that she would never win the case.

The Planet Terror actress divulged that it was the norm in the industry for perpetrators rather than victims to be targeted, and the reason why she has been blacklisted by the industry. The actress went on to rightly predict that a time was coming when things could not be suppressed anymore and then she would speak out.

So when the avalanche of allegations against Bill Cosby broke and the numerous accusations of rape and drug-induced sexual assault came to the fore, Rose felt the time was right and was one of the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, even though she had been paid hush-money over the alleged incident, according to Business Insider.

The issue of abuse against women in Hollywood was a scorching topic at the Golden Globes on Sunday with a galaxy of stars wearing black in support of the victims and to generally protest the working conditions of women in the entertainment industry.

Actress Asia Argento had sent a supportive tweet to McGowan writing, “no one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence…you gave me the courage to speak out.”

Rose McGowan, who had initially criticized the clarion call for all-black on the red carpet, weeks before the show, reiterated her stance with a scathing message.

“And not one of those fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes would have lifted a finger had it not been so. I have no time for Hollywood fakery, but you I love.”

Rolling Stone is reporting that Asia Argento—one of Weinstein’s many accusers tweeted that she was not invited to the awards, probably because “victims are not glamorous enough.” Rosanna Arquette, who also fingered Weinstein for reportedly sexually assaulting her, tweeted that many of Weinstein’s alleged victims including Daryl Hannah, Annabella Sciorra, and Mira Sorvino were not invited to the Golden Globes.

The Why We Wear Black charge can be traced back to October when five women spoke with the New York Times about the purported sexual misbehavior of Miramax producer Harvey Weinstein.

Actress Ashley Judd was one of the first women to step out, and she wore black alongside Salma Hayek, “her date” who claimed that she was also harassed by the movie mogul.

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