‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Maquel Cooper Issues Apology For Her Racially Insensitive Throwback Photo

Maquel Cooper of The Bachelor is speaking out and apologizing over something she decided to post in the past. Us Weekly Magazine shared the details about what happened. A photo that she posted has people saying that they feel like she is racially insensitive and nobody is okay with that.

This picture was found by someone on Reddit and it was an older picture that Maquel had posted. This was before she knew she would be on television, but that doesn’t make people forget about what she did. It was on her Instagram page and she posed with two friends with brown makeup and mustaches. This is something that upset a lot of people when they found out.

She posted this image back in 2012 and as soon as it was found she deleted it. That means someone scrolled far back to try and see what Maquel Cooper had posted. The original caption said, “Insane night. #tbt #marco #jose @louie #ugly #pranknight #bff #mexicans #baileywoolley #reesehigbee.”

A lot of people were upset over what Maquel Cooper had to say, but she must have realized that she was wrong when she said it. Some were even upset that producers didn’t go back through her posts far enough and find this before casting her on the show.

Maquel Cooper decided to speak out to TV Guide and apologize for what she did years ago. Here is what she had to say about it.

“Five years ago, I made a regretful choice for a costume. It came at a time when I was unenlightened and uninformed. I apologize to anybody who was offended by my choices. I am sorry for what I did and take full responsibility for my mistake.”

The Inquisitr shared that Maquel Cooper also has an ex who wants her back if he can pull it off. Of course, that will only work if she doesn’t end up engaged at the end of Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. It is her ex-husband. She was married to Josh Munday after they were high school sweethearts, but they didn’t end up working out. He is hopeful that he can get her back again and that they can work things out. No word yet on if he was able to find a way to win her back or not.

Make sure that you don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor when they air on Monday nights on ABC. Maquel Cooper could be a girl to watch this season.

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