Matt Roloff Video Sparks Wedding Rumors, Fans Think ‘LPBW’ Star Moving In With Girlfriend

Some Little People, Big World fans are wondering if Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are tying the knot or at least thinking of moving in together after the reality TV star posted a short video on Instagram. Some of his followers found the video a little weird and confusing as Matt was supposedly trying to do an Instagram Story yet there’s nothing much to it but a shot of a house and a quick glimpse of his girlfriend, Caryn.

In the video, Matt can be heard saying that he couldn’t drive and do an Instagram Story at the same time as he panned the camera from the façade of a house to Caryn and back to the house.

Fans quickly speculated on where the couple was and what the video was actually about.

Some followers noted the similarity of the house in the video to the one Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, lived in on the hit TV series, Breaking Bad.

Others said they were probably in New Mexico or in Las Vegas, though a larger number of the comments noted that the place was more likely in Arizona. Some followers even went so far to specifically say that Matt and Caryn were in Surprise, a city just northwest of Phoenix.

Fans from Surprise confirmed that the video was indeed taken at their place. In fact, a few of them claimed to have seen Matt and Caryn right before the video was posted.

“Welcome to Surprise Arizona Matt it was nice bumping into you at bestbuy,” said bigchris_623.

One follower, ryanlebe, even claimed to have seen the couple making out 45 minutes before seeing the post.

Other followers thought Matt and Caryn were house hunting or even showing off the house they are supposedly moving into.

“New home,” asked lizesquivel1.

“Are you buying a house,” commented inkedmamma7.

A few were quick to disapprove of Matt’s supposed move from Roloff farms.

“Please tell me you aren’t leaving the farm,” said elaineharwood. “Plenty of room for everyone there. Do tell!”

Others had to squeeze in some not-so-nice words about Matt’s ex-wife, Amy, as well as her boyfriend, Chris Marek.

“Don’t you leave that farm and let your x want be [sic] boy friend take over he [sic] using her,” said robinpawlisa.

“Yes please don’t leave your farm for her new man, I don’t like the guy,” seconded thewhiteghost123. “He just seems shady to me.”

Another follower, lisa_stark3, praised Caryn for how beautiful she looks, but, unwittingly or not, fired shots at Amy.

“Your girlfriend is so pretty you upgraded big time,” said the follower.

Some other fans let lisa_stark3 know that her comment was uncalled for. One fan said that she was “a bit harsh,” while another said that it was a “terrible thing to say” about the mother of Matt’s children.

The fan tried to defend herself by stressing that what she was saying was the truth and that Amy wanted the divorce. She also said that Amy was quick to go on with her “second act” as she found a new man in Chris.

Another fan contradicted this saying Matt was the one who wanted the divorce, but lisa_stark3 insisted that Amy was the mean one for being rude to Matt.

The debate continued among the followers with some saying Amy was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, while others said Matt was the guilty party. Finally, a couple of followers tried to dissipate the tension. One reminded those who can’t say anything nice about them to just leave Matt, Amy, and their respective partners alone and not to watch Little People, Big World anymore. Another used a more open-minded approach to the debate saying both Matt and Amy made mistakes.

“They were both two very prideful people,” said sarahy210. “They couldn’t say I’m sorry or it’s my fault. Could’ve worked but they got to a point where hate was easier than love.”

Perhaps the most intriguing speculation made by a fan on the video is that wedding bells may be ringing in the near future for Matt and Caryn.

“Getting married,” asked ohsuzzannah.

Wedding rumors have become quite common lately for the Little People, Big World family. Amy, for one, has been pestered with questions about her supposed engagement with Chris. In one of her latest posts, Amy could be seen covering her left hand, leading some fans to speculate that she was hiding her engagement ring. Amy was also wearing a mystery ring in a photo taken in December while they were looking for a Christmas tree, as Radar Online reported.

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