Meghan Markle’s Christmas Gift For Prince William Was A Playful Dig At His Baldness

Meghan Markle bravely poked fun at Prince William’s balding pate while celebrating Christmas with the royals. Luckily, the Duke of Cambridge has learned to appreciate a good bald joke at his expense after being the butt of so many over the years.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent Christmas with the queen, and it seems that Harry made sure to school Meghan on one of his family’s most unusual holiday traditions before they headed to her majesty’s Sandringham estate. A royal insider told the Daily Star that the former actress gave her future in-laws exactly what they wanted for Christmas by picking out gag gifts for them. In doing so, she saved herself from experiencing the same embarrassment that Princess Diana suffered during her one of her first Christmases as a member of the royal family. According to People, Diana was unaware of the royals’ gag gift custom, so she was disappointed when the expensive cashmere sweaters she had purchased for everyone didn’t get the reaction she was expecting.

“The crazier and the more quirky is what they love,” explained Princess Diana’s former chef, Darren McGrady, of the royals’ Christmas present preferences.

Meghan Markle’s goofy gift for Prince William certainly fit the family’s gift-giving guidelines; she reportedly took a dig at his thinning hair by getting him a tartan Tam O Shanter cap with fake ginger hair attached to it. According to the Telegraph, the Scottish headwear is also known as a “See You Jimmy” hat. Tennis player Andy Murray is wearing one of the novelty caps in the photo below.

Prince William’s Tam O Shanter likely looked similar to the one Andy Murray is wearing.

“She bought William a Scottish cap with ginger hair,” said the royal insider of Meghan Markle’s gift for her future brother-in-law. “It was very funny – he saw the funny side too thankfully!”

Hats are always popular Christmas gift picks for the royals. Kate Middleton once gave her husband a beanie to cover up his bald spot, and Prince Harry reportedly gave the queen a bath hat emblazoned with the words, “Ain’t life a b***h!”

There’s no word on whether Prince Harry helped Meghan Markle select the gag gift she gave his older brother, but it’s no secret that the royals love cracking jokes about Prince William’s thinning hair. During a 2014 visit to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Kate Middleton and Prince William stopped to admire an exhibit featuring alpaca wool. According to Us Weekly, the Duchess of Cambridge noticed that the wool was the same color as her husband’s hair, so she quipped that he should use it as a wig.

Prince Charles has joked about his son’s bald spot being hereditary, and Prince Harry once quipped that an artist gave his brother a little extra hair in one of their royal portrait paintings. As reported by E! News, Harry also said that the aim of his 2011 best man’s speech was to make his older brother “lose some hair.”

Prince Harry likes to crack jokes about his older brother’s bald spot.

Prince William will get a chance to turn the tables and embarrass his younger brother when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot on May 19, and now he has the perfect hat to wear while he delivers his wedding speech.

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