The McLaren 720S Finally Gets Smacked Down Thanks To Richard Hammond

Despite being priced rather modestly for a supercar, the McLaren 720S has pretty much been unbeatable on races, crushing opponents, ICE and electric alike, with devilish ease. While McLaren seems to have accidentally made the 720S Tesla Model S P100D-proof, the automaker appears to have forgotten to make the vehicle Richard Hammond-proof.

The Grand Tour host and former Top Gear presenter has a long history of unfortunate car accidents. During the filming of the second season of The Grand Tour alone, Hammond ended up driving a Rimac Concept One supercar off a hill, resulting in a fiery blaze that he fortunately escaped. During the latest episode of the hit Amazon series, however, it was revealed that the Hamster just had another incident, and he ended up claiming a McLaren 720S as a result.

As noted in a Jalopnik report, it quickly became evident that Richard Hammond drove two different McLaren 720S during his segment on the show. When questioned about why he ended up driving two vehicles for the segment, Hammond admitted that he actually wrecked the first 720S he was driving, all because of one incredibly silly mistake.

As noted in a recent CarScoops report, Hammond explained that he accidentally ended up filling the supercar’s fuel tank with water. The Grand Tour host further explained that he noticed the Mclaren 720S’ fuel was running low. Thus, when he saw a jerry can in the area, he took it upon himself to refuel the British-built hypercar killer.

As it turned out, however, the contents of the jerry can was actually water, which, of course, can cause some pretty big damages to the car’s engine — and cause major damages it definitely did. During his explanation on the most recent episode of The Grand Tour, Hammond stated that not long after he “refueled” the vehicle, the McLaren 720S’ engine just “sort of let go.”

Hammond’s latest incident fortunately did not end with the former Top Gear host being injured. If any, it all made for a pretty funny, albeit expensive story about a silly mistake that ended up killing a hypercar killer. For his feat, however, fellow The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson awarded Hammond with the “Lack of Continuity Award,” which, of course, came in the form of a five-gallon water container.

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