Logan Paul Dealing With ‘Suicide Forest’ Video Backlash As He Hires Home Security

Logan Paul has been dealing with a lot of backlash since he posted a video to YouTube from the “Suicide Forest” in Japan, which showed the body of a man who had apparently committed suicide. With social media users and celebrities alike calling the YouTuber out for his inappropriate behavior, there have apparently been a lot of threats made against Paul as well. In fact, due to all the backlash that he has faced, it seems that Logan Paul has gone so far as to hire additional security to watch his home in the wake of his video.

According to a report from Metro News, new images have begun circulating that show the social media star’s home in Los Angeles with a car in the driveway that reads security on it. While Logan Paul has had a security detail, it seems that since the Suicide Forest backlash, he has actually increased the amount of security he has on him, including adding more home security. Although the vehicle in his driveway clearly says security and shows an image of a badge on its hood, there does not seem to be a company name visible in the pictures that have surfaced of the car.

After he posted the Suicide Forest video, Paul had to deal with a lot of backlash that led to him not only removing the vlog from his YouTube page, but also issuing two separate apologies. Not only has he said that he will be taking a small break from his daily vlog, but it seems he is also taking his personal security seriously, as it seems he has increased his current detail.

The images that showcased the security vehicle outside of Logan Paul’s home came just one day after the social media star was seen for the first time since the backlash first began. He was seen going for a jog in Los Angeles, even as he continues to deal with people calling for YouTube to ban him from being able to post to the site.

Even though Paul has been trying to keep a low profile, both online and offline, it seems clear that he is still worried about his safety if the increase in security is any indication. There is no word from Logan Paul at this time about the increase in his security or what he plans to do moving forward.

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