Possible iPhone X Plus Gets Very Mixed Response

The iPhone X is a success, but perhaps its success is not relative to the hype. Apple’s 5.8-inch iPhone was the most hyped up iPhone in years. As the Inquisitr pointed out last week, there have been some reports that demand Apple’s latest iPhone is dwindling. These reports led to lower sales forecasts. This is one reason why there is some skepticism to the rumors of 2018’s iPhone X Plus.

According to Mac Rumors, the iPhone X will have a 6.5-inch OLED screen that is supplied by LG, while Samsung will supply the screens for the smaller phones. The Plus, along with Apple’s other new iPhones, is said to launch in the usual September-October time frame. However, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of excitement from Apple fans, and the comments section after the Mac Rumors article is a reflection of that.

“LG make [sic] great TV panels but their phone OLED’s have not got a good reputation at all,” says Quu.

“I just want an iPhone X Minus,” jokes Jsameds.

Jsamed’s comments echo a lot of people who think that the iPhone X is overkill. Some think the more expensive OLED screen isn’t much better than the LCD screen on previous iPhones. Some miss the fingerprint scanner, while others think getting rid of the Home button was a huge mistake. Therefore, the fact Apple is deciding to release a larger version of the iPhone X is baffling to some.

Some aren’t thrilled with the changes Apple made on the iPhone X.

However, there is a lot more excitement for a possible iPhone X Plus on Twitter.

There are many who like the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note and wish Apple would make a device with a similar screen. However, one thing that has always been lacking on Apple’s phones has been digital inking support. The Apple Pencil, which is often seen as the best stylus on the market, can be used on the iPad Pro but not the iPhone. However, according to 9To5Mac, that may change soon.

“There have been a number of indications that Apple plans to add Pencil compatibility to a future iPhone, starting with an apparent slip of the tongue by Tim Cook, in which he talked of having used the two together.”

The article adds that there have been many patents for Apple Pencil support referencing the iPhone. There have also been reports that either the Apple Pencil or similar stylus may be bundled with a 2019 iPhone. There were many rumors over the past year that Apple had planned to include digital inking support with the iPhone X, but those didn’t pan out.

We should get more information on Apple’s new iPhones very soon. For right now, it may be a little too early to make judgments on Apple’s plans for the future.

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