Meghan Markle Bodyguard Wanted: Female Personal Bodyguard Will Make Trivial Royal History

Meghan Markle isn’t without security, she is guarded by the team that was employed to keep watch over Harry, but when she becomes a royal family member, she will need a personal bodyguard like Kate Middleton. Those who head up security for the royal family are looking for just the right woman to become Meghan’s bodyguard.

The same steps were taken for Kate Middleton when Prince William and Kate became engaged; a hunt was on for that perfect fit for Kate and one was found. Sergeant Emma Probert was put on detail as Kate’s personal bodyguard right after her engagement to William was announced, and Emma is still with Kate today.

Kate and Emma get along famously, according to The Sun, and it has to be that way. Kate’s personal bodyguard is always with her, so if they didn’t get along, that could be a problem. Kate and Prince William are also guarded by a team from Scotland Yard’s Protection Squad, which is the same for Meghan and Harry.

It was back in November when it was first reported that Meghan had been issued royal protection officers, as reported on the Express. It was the bodyguards that were seen around Meghan that tipped the press off to a royal engagement.

Both Harry and William, as well as the rest of the members of the royal family, have a team of bodyguards, which are mostly all men. It is reported that the woman who will fit the bill to become Meghan’s personal bodyguard will be only the fourth woman bodyguard to protect a member of the royal family, making trivial royal history.

Princess Diana had a female personal bodyguard and then Kate Middleton had one as well. Prince Edward also had a woman guarding him, and now it is Meghan’s turn. The problem with finding Meghan a female bodyguard is that there are so few women with the training and expertise in this field.

According to The Sun, “there are far fewer female bodyguards available with the necessary skill-set than male bodyguards.” Despite the hunt being on the taxing side, the folks in charge are confident they will find a woman with the skills and capabilities to provide Meghan with top-notch protection.

Once the woman with the right skills and expertise is found, she will join the team that is already in place guarding Harry and Meghan. Before she does that, she will first shadow Emma, Kate’s personal bodyguard, to learn the ropes.

Emma is trained in martial arts, and she carries a 9mm Glock pistol and Taser gun with her at all times on duty. She is often very unassuming and seen in the background of pictures taken of Kate while out in public. One of her pictures can be seen in the tweet above. Emma is circled in the photo.

According to The Sun, “Prince Harry is thought to be among those who would prefer Meghan has a female bodyguard” and it is also said that it was Prince Charles who suggested this arrangement for Meghan.

Kate was lucky; she hit it off with Emma right away and over the years she’s been with Kate, they’ve built a great relationship. Once Meghan’s prospective bodyguard is found and she trains with Emma, she will then be transferred over to Meghan and Harry’s team. The biggest concern once the bodyguard has been vetted and trained is that Meghan and the new addition to the protection squad will hit it off enough for this to work as a long-term arrangement.

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