Logan Paul’s Net Worth Might Drastically Drop After Japan’s Suicide Forest Scandal

Logan Paul has everything that a social media personality has always aimed for: young, rich, and extremely popular. However, all of these achievements might slowly go down the drain after his Japan’s Suicide Forest video. Despite quickly apologizing for his insensitive actions, it might not be enough for him to put his name back on top again.

According to Forbes, the 22-year-old American vlogger and actor has a $15 million net worth. The site noted that Logan Paul earns $150,000 per Facebook post and $80,000 for sponsored ads on Instagram.

Although earning money was easy for the goofy social media star, his net worth might drastically drop after his Japan’s Suicide Forest scandal. The issue blew up that even Logan Paul himself decided to take a break from vlogging to take time to “reflect.”

With the gravity of his actions, it is not impossible for advertisers to cut their ties from the disgraced YouTube star.

Logan Paul initially thought that feeding his 15 million YouTube subscribers with an over-the-top trip to Japan was such a brilliant idea. But instead of laughing with Logan Paul, most of his followers were disgusted with his actions.

Just like any other countries, Japan has its own unique culture and people felt that Logan Paul disrespected the place with his obnoxious behavior. Thinking that him being a popular YouTube star will be considered a pass to be wild and silly in Japan, his actions have now given him a bit of a reality check. Evidently, not all people share the same thought like he did as he is now facing public scrutiny.

As if disrespecting the country was not enough, Logan Paul took a step further and disrespected a dead body, which is highly critical in Japan.

The vlogger and his team went to Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest and found a body hanging from a tree. Instead of turning away or report the incident to the officials, Logan Paul chose to film the young man’s dead body and shared it on his YouTube channel, where he will be heard laughing and giggling during a very serious matter.

Logan Paul then apologized but it appears to be a little too late as he’s gone from being a huge YouTube star to social media public enemy number one.

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