Chris Hemsworth Is Excited For The Fox And Disney Merger For One Cool Reason

While there has been a lot of talk about what a merger between Disney and Fox would mean for certain R-rated characters, there are also plenty of people excited for the possibilities. One of the people who seems to be excited for the merger is Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Disney set to bring Fox into the fold, this opens up a lot of story possibilities for characters such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four, and according to Cinema Blend, it seems that these possibilities are exactly why Hemsworth is looking forward to what happens next. In fact, the actor shared that he thinks that this merger is “awesome.” While Chris Hemsworth pointed out that “contractually a lot of us have now kind of done our run,” he still thinks there could be a potential to bring the Avengers and X-Men together for a story if the studio wanted.

Hemsworth shared that in the past he has told people to imagine what it might be like to see an interaction between characters such as Thor and Deadpool or Wolverine. No matter which of the X-Men Thor or any of the other Avengers had an interaction with, the actor said that he thinks it would be very “cool.”

According to Chris Hemsworth, one of the most exciting things he got to experience was the chance to have the Avengers bring Thor together with the Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as some other characters. The actor shared that he was “as much a fan to see that kick off as anyone else.”

Although it is clear that there is a lot of excitement from Chris Hemsworth to see what happens with the Disney and Fox merger, now that it means the studio can bring the X-Men together with the Avengers for example, there is still the matter of contracts. With so many of the actors who have been a part of the MCU since the beginning dealing with contracts that are set to end after the fourth Avengers movie, there is no guarantee that fans or the actors themselves will actually get to see Hemsworth’s Thor meet Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool for instance. Not only is Chris Hemsworth’s contract coming to an end, but Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow, and Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, are also at the end of their contracts with the MCU.

No matter what happens with the contracts for the current team of Avengers, it is clear that the Disney and Fox merger is going to open up a lot of potential storylines that even Chris Hemsworth is excited to see. Even if Hemsworth does not get a chance to have his Thor interact with someone like Deadpool, it seems that there is still a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of the MCU.

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