Lady Gaga Shares Bikini Pic Before Taking Flight Without A Plane

Some might say that even Lady Gaga’s pictures are entertaining as she lives life to the fullest and often pushes woes and fears aside to get the job done. While she’s done this for her performances, like jumping off the stage at last year’s Super Bowl, Lady Gaga seems to like that adrenalin rush because she’s at it again while on vacation.

Lady Gaga is in Costa Rica and she’s posted pictures of the beautiful beaches with her, front and center, in a white thong bikini that leaves little to the imagination. One thing fans find entertaining is getting a good look at her tattoos, many of which stay hidden under her costumes during her stage performances.

According to People Magazine, one of the newest tattoos that Lady Gaga is sporting today depicts David Bowie, she got that tattoo across her ribcage just two days before she did a tribute to the iconic late musician at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

While Lady Gaga in a super tiny bikini has people mesmerized, it is that new video posted of the “Born This Way” singer that shows the star in action among the leafy ceiling of the Costa Rica jungle. Christian Carino, Lady Gaga’s boyfriend and CAA agent, posted a video of the singer taking to a zip line ride through the jungle, the video is seen below in his Instagram post.

Is that Lady Gaga ziplining upside down? Yes, it is and Carino claims the only practice that she’s had for this was when she jumped off that stage at last year’s Super Bowl. It is a video of Lady Gaga “ziplining upside down on Thursday” of this week, writes People Magazine.

While a good portion of the nation was stunned with a deep freeze, the famous singer was living it up in the tropics while taking time off from her hectic work schedule. She was there with her boyfriend, who is also her manager, Carino, who was kind enough to share these pics and video of Lady Gaga. For even more Lady Gaga vacation pictures you can check out her Instagram page here.

At first, you don’t see Lady Gaga in that zip line video. All you see are the trees with the leaves gently blowing in the breeze, then a small object emerges from those leaves and it gets bigger as it grows closer. You soon realize it is someone hanging upside down on a zip line. Unless you are expecting Lady Gaga to emerge, you wouldn’t know who it is until the camera gets a close-up shot of the singer.

Carino posted the picture saying how the “Super Bowl” was only a “warm-up jump.” He then calls Lady Gaga “simply fearless.” Lady Gaga also shared a photo of herself in the same bikini on Twitter on Wednesday. On Thursday, even though she donned the same bikini, it was the ziplining stunt that appeared a bit more daring.

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