Meghan Markle’s Family’s ‘Ever-Growing Rap Sheet’ Sparks Online Worries For Prince Harry’s Future Royal Image

Meghan Markle appears to have come with some baggage when she traveled across the pond to her new life as the future wife of Prince Harry, but it is not any baggage that she packed herself, as some folks have said coming to her defense today. The latest news of Meghan Markle’s brother being assaulted by the woman he is planning to marry surfaced in the headlines in both the U.S. and U.K. this weekend.

Darlene Blount, 37, who is engaged to Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan’s brother, was arrested for assaulting her future husband on New Year’s Eve where they live in Oregon. Last year it was her brother Thomas who made the headlines after getting arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on Blount in an argument.

This latest incident saw Blount arrested on a fourth-degree assault charge and she ended up spending more than 30 hours in lock-up ringing in the New Year. The Daily Mail describes the incident between Thomas Markle and Blount as a “boozed-up altercation.” The Daily Mail also suggest that Meghan’s family seems to have an “ever-growing rap sheet.”

This is the same man who recently was hoping to get an invite to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, which would most likely mean he would bring his fiancee Blount with him if he was to somehow get an invite. Folks commenting online seem to think he’s ruined those chances with these two run-ins with the law. TMZ is also just “guessing,” but they also feel this has ruined Thomas and Darlene’s chances at an invite to the Royal Wedding.

Some online are comparing Meghan’s family with Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary Gold Smith, who was arrested for allegedly “punching wife unconscious during a late-night row,” reports the Mirror back in October of this year. Goldsmith is the younger brother of Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother.

One commenter on the Dail Mail article reminded folks that this occurred long after Kate and William were married, but it looks as if this incident with Meghan’s brother is different. The comment says, “The fun-loving, g.u.n.-totting Markles are showing the world what they’re like before Harry marries their best export. And as ever, the whataboutery is irrelevant, the royal family should be raising the bar, not doing away with it altogether.” This comment came from a woman who lives in London.

Concerns that this type of behavior from Meghan’s family will haunt Prince Harry’s Royal Family life in the future have also popped up online. Another commenter who posted on the Daily Mail article is voicing his concerns over what Harry might be getting himself into. This person is from Chester, England and he wrote the following.

“I think this sort of thing is going to be fairly consistent throughout their marriage. How embarrassing. I don’t know what Harry was thinking and suspect he wasn’t thinking at all. She is probably the only one who eagerly agreed to marry him because the others knew what restrictions and expectations would be placed on them. The harder it became to find someone the lower he had to set his sights. The results are fairly predictable. I feel sorry for him as he’s probably just looking for love and a family of his own.”

Others came to Meghan’s defense by saying that this is not Meghan, but her relatives and it is not as if she had a choice in who would be related to her. On an article regarding Thomas Markle Jr.’s assault from Metro, comments are reflecting this.

“It’s no wonder Meghan wants to distance herself from them, I don’t blame her!”

Still, others wonder what is wrong with Harry, one commenter on the Metro article suggested, “I can’t imagine Prince Harry marrying into a family like that. Even the words ‘half-brother’ alone is a big no-no in the Royal circle. I bet a pound to a penny that Meghan was told to cut off ties with them by the Royal family. There is no way the Royal family would allow people like that in their family through marriage.”

Thomas Markle is Meghan’s half-brother as the two share the same father but different mothers. As far as people having concerns for Harry’s future with in-laws such as Meghan’s, perhaps the comment from a woman in the U.K. said it best. Her comment on the Metro article ends with, “I do wish people would just live and let live.”

Will Prince Harry and Meghan invite her entire family to the wedding? While it looks as if Michael is not expecting an invitation, which is something he told the Daily Mail recently, he would be thrilled to get one.

According to The Sun in an article that was published at the end of November, “Meghan Markle’s family members have insisted they will travel to Britain for her Windsor Castle wedding — even if they are not invited.” Meghan’s half-sister Samatha Markle who surfaced early-on in Meghan and Prince Harry’s relationship gave herself 15 minutes of fame by calling Meghan the “pushy princess.”

She’s changed her tune a bit and is now hoping to get an invite to the Royal wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may find that the old adage, “You can pick your friends but not your relatives,” may come into play through the years with both sides of the family, as the Royals have had past headline problems of their own, as another commenter suggests.

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