Today We Bid Farewell To Paul Short (and you should follow his new site)

It’s never easy writing farewells to writers you value and wish you weren’t losing. I’ve been fortunate over the 18 months this site has existed that I’ve never had to do it very often. Today though is one of those days, because today Paul Short is leaving us.

I’ve known Paul online for many, many years. He was a reader and fan of The Blog Herald, which is how I got to know him. That relationship saw him become on of the original “5” in b5media. Paul didn’t make it with b5media by the time it incorporated and later took VC, but likewise he played an important role in its early development from an email I sent out to some guys I knew online, to the great company it became under the leadership of Jeremy Wright.

Paul has been with us at The Inquisitr for 8 months, and I’ve loved working with him again, as well as I know many of our readers have enjoyed what he had to write. He has that rare gift of having an eye for good content, while still maintaining a snarky sense of humor at the same time, a quality I’ve always enjoyed in others.

Paul is leaving us to pursue a consulting career (and there’s probably a lot more money to be had there), but if you want to keep up with him, you can follow him on his new blog Headfoo.

Best of luck Paul.

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