Fans Speculate There’s Something Wrong With Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Unborn Baby

Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines recently surprised fans with news they’re expecting their fifth child, and now some fans are expressing concerns after seeing Joanna’s ultrasound.

Jo took to Instagram earlier this week to share a look at the newest Gaines family member, but not everyone was excited about what they saw.

According to TMZ and Hollywood Gossip, fans expressed concerns after seeing the ultrasound video because of excess fluid.

Known as hydrops fetalis, TMZ states the extra fluid around the fetus may be a sign of a sometimes fatal condition.

The site goes on to quote a radiologist, Nicole Saphier, who has experience reading ultrasounds.

TMZ reports that Saphier said while there does seem to be excess fluid, it’s difficult to determine the extent exactly as she would need to see the entire ultrasound.

“But Dr. Saphier is quick to add, although the ultrasound gives cause for concern, it’s not conclusive.”

Saphier is quoted as saying there’s no telling if the fluid is present in the heart, lungs, or abdominal cavities based on this one video.

The Hollywood Gossip also reported on the ultrasound as the site states both fans and people in the medical field have expressed concerns.

“According to TMZ sources and others in the medical community, it looks very much as if there’s excess fluid around the fetus.”

Chip, 43, and Jo, 39, haven’t commented on the health concerns surrounding their unborn baby as they continue to receive well wishes from adoring fans.

The Gaines’ ultrasound video received over 8 million views in the two days since it was posted, as most Instagram commenters leave congratulatory messages on Jo’s post.

Fixer Upper fans stated they’re happy and excited for Chip and Jo, as others defended the family against rumors.

In addition to the health concerns, the couple has been hit with people criticizing their decision to have another child.

According to Us Weekly, commenters have called out the Gaines for contributing to the world’s overpopulation, as they are already parents to four children: Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7.

However, the drama doesn’t end there as others are suggesting that Chip and Jo decided to have another baby in an attempt to save their marriage, as reported by Us Weekly.

The site went on to quote some social media comments as people stated having another baby won’t fix the Gaines’ marriage.

One fan was quick to come to Chip and Jo’s defense, as they called out people who feel the need to say negative things about the couple’s baby news.

“I don’t usually comment but WOW… what a way to take a special moment in someone’s life and use it for a mean spirited rant.”

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