Trump ‘Dirt’ Book Author Has ‘Bigger, More Powerful’ Nuke Button Than President Amid White House Turmoil

Apparently, size mattered in 2017 and continues to in 2018.

Michael Wolff is the man of the hour as his book of the salacious claims about Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency debuted Friday on the heels of a failed attempt by the president’s camp to kill its publication. After Trump’s camp unleashed a bevy of denials and character assassination allegations about the Fire and Fury author — who reportedly appears to be “winning” the battle of fact versus “fake news,” one writer claims Wolff has something that is larger and more formidable than the Republican POTUS can lay claim to.

Wolff’s penned the book of “dirt” titled, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Summarily, the scope is about Donald Trump during his controversial campaign against Hillary Clinton and the goings-on in the Oval Office during his first year in the White House. Publication of the book has set a precedent in American politics, according to the Washington Post. Politics writer Jonathan Capehart penned an opinion piece on the day Wolff’s exposé about Trump hit shelves.

Capehart said Michael Wolff’s claims about the former reality TV personality — including claims that Donald Trump “lusts” over his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and agreed with Howard Stern that she is a “piece of a**”; the president’s former chief strategist and Breitbart boss, Steve Bannon, called the infamous meeting in Trump Tower “treasonous”; First Lady Melania Trump cried (not tears of joy) at the news that Trump had won the presidential election; and the president considers his Slovenian-American spouse a “trophy wife” — are “gasp-worthy.” What is more, the Post contributor says Wolff’s “biggest nuclear button in the West Wing was the one on” his tape recorder that reportedly corroborates claims in the book.

Capehart makes a tongue-in-cheek poke at President Trump’s boasting of a “bigger” and “more powerful” nuclear button than that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s supposed nuke button on his desk, as reported by the Hill.

“The Wolff book presents harrowing details that will deepen the concern of the American people. In a piece for the Hollywood Reporter, where he is a columnist, Wolff concludes that ‘100 percent’ of the Trump staffers he talked to in the administration’s first year, ‘came to believe he was incapable of functioning in his job.'”

Hours before the launch of Wolff’s book, Trump administration staffers scurried to do damage control to protect the president’s image and credibility. While Democrats, critics, and a handful of mental health professionals called for Trump to step aside due to his “unfitness” to lead, Trump’s White House press secretary suggested that any American who does not celebrate Trump’s accomplishments is, in fact, “mentally unfit,” according to a Share Blue report.

Early Friday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, appeared on a segment of Fox & Friends. There, she slammed Wolff’s new tell-all book about President Donald Trump.

“What I think is really mentally unstable is people that don’t see the positive impact that this president is having on the country. The economy is booming, we’re crushing ISIS, day after day things are getting better for Americans all over this country. And I think it’s really sad that these people don’t see that, and that they’re not celebrating and trying to join in the president’s efforts to turn our country around.”

CNN wrote that the Trump book has created “mass chaos” in Trump’s orbit. It listed 10 things to glean from the book that, according to many book retailers, sold out within minutes of its release.

Regarding the new book of “dirt” on Donald Trump, Capehart sounds a warning bell to Americans, particularly to those who cast votes for the real estate tycoon.

“We have seen him degrade the moral authority of the presidency and America’s standing in the world. And now we know that the folks slapping smiley faces on Trump and the administration are doing so in full knowledge of the terror they are living in and inflicting on the rest of us.

“We ought to be disturbed.”

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