Netflix ‘The Crown’ Has Chosen Helena Bonham Carter To Play Princess Margaret

As many of the roles in Netflix, The Crown are being recast for Season 3, the streaming giant is said to be very close to officially announcing that Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret, sister to Queen Elizabeth. Olivia Colman has been cast to play Queen Elizabeth in The Crown Season 3, taking over for Claire Foy, and now it looks like Helena Bonham Carter will be replacing Vanessa Kirby. For The Crown Season 3, it is important that Princess Margaret is cast well because the narrative is entering into some dramatic years for the sister of the queen, and Carter would be a great fit.

Netflix The Crown Is Hoping To Cast Helena Bonham Carter As Princess Margaret

Once the casting of Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret is official, the next big role to cast for The Crown is that of Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith in The Crown Season 1 & 2. All of the primary actors on Netflix The Crown knew that after two seasons they would be done, essentially aging out of their roles.

Matt Smith went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to say that he thought he knew who Netflix was going to cast as Prince Philip for The Crown Season 3.

“Well, I don’t know, I maybe know. I don’t know if I know. I’m not meant to know, but I maybe know. If it’s the person that it could be I was just totally flattered. I thought, ‘Oh I’m flattered’.”

Sources are saying the front-runners to play Prince Philip in The Crown Season 3 are another former Dr. Who, David Tennant, and Paul Bettany.

Vanessa Kirby Says She Envies Whoever Plays Princess Margaret In The Crown Season 3

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Netflix is doing its best to ink a deal to sign Helena Bonham Carter for The Crown Season 3. Vanessa Kirby, who currently plays Princess Margaret in The Crown says she envies whoever plays Princess Margaret in the next season of The Crown.

“I’m just so excited about whoever gets to do it because they’ve definitely got the coolest stuff coming up. Bring on the drama! I would have loved to have done it. I absolutely love to do all the blazing rows and getting drunk and just all of it. But I suppose I was lucky enough to have two seasons, so I could be more grateful, really.”

Coming up on The Crown Season 3 Princess Margaret and her husband will have affairs, drink way too much, and get into public fights. Princess Margaret starts hanging out with an edgier crowd who are known for overindulgence. Helena Bonham Carter has played a variety of characters, including Elizabeth Taylor in Burton & Taylor, which also was played as under the influence and volatile.

Helena Bonham Carter Would Be A Great Match For The Crown Season 3

Yohana Desta of Vanity Fair thinks that Netflix The Crown adding Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret would be perfect casting for The Crown Season 3. Early in her career, Carter was known for being the queen of the costume drama, starring in nearly every movie produced by James Ivory.

“Bonham Carter made a career out of playing rebels, royals, and corset queens back in her Merchant Ivory days, and this role represents a perfect opportunity to roll all three character types into one famously magnetic woman. [Helena Bonham Carter] has also embodied a member of this particular royal family before, for the Academy Award-winning 2010 film The King’s Speech, in which she played another Elizabeth—Queen Mother of Elizabeth and Margaret.”

But Will The Crown Have A Continuity Problem With Helena Bonham Carter?

But there is a continuity quirk when it comes to replacing Vanessa Kirby with Helena Bonham Carter for The Crown Season 3. Vanessa Kirby is on the tall side at 5’7, while Helena Bonham Carter is at least five inches shorter at around 5’2.

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