‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Rain Brown Shares Her ‘Greatest Passion,’ Fans Suggest Career With Sister Birdie

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown recently shared her “greatest passion” with fans, leaving fans to make suggestions for a possible career path. The 15-year-old youngest member of the Brown family updated followers on social media just hours ago with a photo of the #flowersofinstagram that is captioned with her #passion. Rain’s followers suggested that maybe she should open a flower shop with her “best friend” and older sister Birdie, 23.

Rain Brown shared the photo of her “greatest passion” on her personal Instagram account on Thursday, along with several hashtags, including two of her most-used hashtags, #stayhappy and #staystrong. The photo features the inside of a flower shop, and some fans were shocked to find out that flowers are Rain’s passion since she’s only occasionally posted about flowers. One comment wrote that Rain had her “fooled” by posting more photos of “nail art” and “holographic stuff” than photos of flowers.

After becoming a fan-favorite on her family’s long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, Rain Brown has hinted that she would like to attend college. Fans took Rain’s recent Instagram post about her passion for flowers to offer career advice and suggested that Rain should “take floral design classes and become a florist.” Another comment guessed that Rain Brown will own her own flower shop when she’s “older,” while yet another comment told Rain that she should go into the flower business with her sister Birdie.

Since Rain Brown often posts about her only sister Birdie Brown, fans who have watched the two sisters grow up together on Alaskan Bush People seem to think that the only logical thing for them to do is to start a career together. Rain has previously shared that Birdie is more like her wife than her sister, even though Birdie is eight years older than Rain. Fans were somewhat shocked to hear that Rain compared having a sister to having a spouse, but ultimately interpreted Rain’s odd comparison to just having a “close female friend.”

Rain has also previously shared that Birdie is her “favorite person in the world,” so fans of Alaskan Bush People think it’s only fitting for Rain to think about starting a career that includes her two greatest passions — flowers and her #BFF, Birdie. Neither Rain Brown nor Birdie Brown lives in Alaska since their parents, Billy, 65, and Ami Brown, 54, relocated to southern California months ago for Ami’s cancer treatment. Since moving to California, Rain has admired the #califlowers and #cablooms on her Instagram account, and fans asked Rain on Thursday’s post what her “favorite flowers” are.

Fans also asked Rain Brown what her “strongest passion” is with flowers. Rain didn’t give her followers many details about how or why flowers are her “greatest passion,” so commenters wondered if Rain liked selling, buying, growing, giving, or getting flowers the most, or simply just observing “one of the most beautiful things ever offered” by nature.

One comment told Rain Brown that she should buy mom Ami Brown “some flowers.” The same comment goes on to call Ami Brown “brave, strong, and beautiful” after undergoing aggressive lung cancer treatment and seemingly winning that battle, for now. Ami Brown is still reportedly recovering from a late-stage lung cancer diagnosis and was shown in the recent Alaskan Bush People Christmas special. It was in that episode that fans learned that Ami Brown’s lungs had been declared free of cancer.

Unknown is whether the Brown family will be returning to the small screen for a new season of Alaskan Bush People, but a group that was recently put together by the Colorado Bush People Facebook page shared that Alaskan Bush People — Colorado — is “nearly done filming season 8.” Rain Brown has been secretive about the fate of her family’s reality TV series but did say recently that she “wouldn’t mind filming” another new season, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

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