‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Teams Up With Lulu, Dante Irate, Faison Wants Naxie Baby

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General Hospital spoilers tease the web of mystery will slowly unravel. Prior hints pointed out that Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) paternity shocker will have a close link to the mind-mapping study involving Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller). After unsuccessfully fishing out information from Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), spoilers suggest Nathan will finally get the answers he needs.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is expecting, and Nathan wants to know who his father is in preparation for his child’s birth. Dr. O tried to lie to him and evade his questions, but his mother will not be able to keep up the charade forever. General Hospital spoilers tease Dr. O will finally come clean, and her revelation will shake Nathan to the core.

Evil Blood

GH spoilers tease Dr. O will confess to Nathan and admit his father is actually Cesar Faison — a wanted man known for committing hideous crimes. This reveal will come as a huge shocker to Nathan. General Hospital head writer Shelly Altman explained Nathan never bought Dr. O’s revelation that his father happens to be Victor Cassadine.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Altman explained how Nathan will feel when he finally hears the truth about who his father is. While Nathan doesn’t believe, Faison’s evil can be passed on from father to child, he will still worry about what it means to be the man’ son. Faison is wanted for different crimes, and this will bother him a lot.

“The threat of Faison out there as a wild card and loose cannon is a lot greater than the threat of Faison in captivity.”


General Hospital head writer Chris van Etten also explained what Nathan plans to do after learning about his paternity. According to him, Nathan wants to make the world safer for his child, and one way to reduce the threats is to pin down Faison.

Learning who his father is will prove to be a huge burden to Nathan, but he can’t do anything about it. General Hospital spoilers tease Nathan will fight with mysterious threats, and one of these might be Faison. Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates Faison might have evil designs for Nathan and Maxie’s baby.

Faison did not win Nathan over, so he might try his luck with his unborn grandchild. Given how dangerous the man is, it’s not surprising why Nathan wants him where he could see him.

New Partners

Nathan is not the only person who is on a quest to track down Faison.General Hospital spoilers tease Lulu will also be on a quest to hunt down Faison. Lulu (Emme Rylan) made a lot of progress as the new investigative reporter in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers hint her next story will be a huge one, and she wants to track down Faison. The mystery behind the twins remain to be the hottest topic in town, and Lulu won’t miss this opportunity to cover such a hot story.

Nathan and Lulu’s investigation will naturally coincide, and they decide to team up. However, this will not sit well with Dante. While he is supportive of Lulu’s career, he will not be happy with Lulu working with Nathan to discover Faison’s hideout.

Meanwhile, Jason and Drew will also look into Faison. Spinelli’s leads indicate Faison’s involvement, and General Hospital spoilers tease exciting events ahead for all Port Charles residents.