Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Reboot Princess Diana and Fergie-Like Friendship

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are both outsiders welcomed into the Royal Family as a spouse and as a pending spouse of prince brothers. This is much like what unfolded years ago for Princess Diana and Fergie with their marriages to sibling princes. The online comparisons of Kate and Meghan to Diana and Fergie show some uncanny resemblances when it comes to a friendship blooming between sisters-in-law a few decades ago and today’s soon to be sisters-in-law.

History does have a way of repeating itself with different players fitting into similar roles and the Royal Family is not an exception to that loosely written rule. The friendship of two sisters-in-law back in the 80s seems to be playing out again decades later with new faces among the Royal Family. Princess Diana was already married to Prince Charles when his brother Prince Andrew took Sarah Ferguson for his wife and it was Diana who played a part in Andrew and Fergie meeting.

According to the Express, Diana invited Fergie to a party at Windsor Castle after the Ascot Races in 1985 and this is where she met Prince Andrew. Princess Diana and Fergie became very close as they had a lot in common. They were two young women recently brought into the Royal Family as outsider wives and each princess would have two children with royal blood running through their veins.

For Princess Diana, it was her boys Prince William and Prince Harry who were the apple of her eye and for Fergie, she had Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie to love and care for. Much like what is seen today with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Diana and Fergie struck up a friendship and they were described as “close friends” at one time, according to the Express.

News.com.au suggested in an article back in November that Meghan and Kate are “the new Princesses Diana and Fergie” and wondered if they would get on as famously as Diana and Fergie did. The latest pictures of Kate and Meghan together during the holidays as well as the latest reports seem to strengthen the theory that the two will become close friends.

While rumors of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton being involved in a bit of rivalry have already surfaced, those same types of rumors emerged for Diana and Fergie while their friendship flourished. According to the Express, while they didn’t surface until after Fergie was married to Andrew — they did surface.

The rumors of Kate harboring some jealousy over Meghan surfaced not too long after Prince Harry popped the question to Meghan, as The Hollywood Gossip suggests. Those rumors were squashed with the recent reports that Kate’s taken Meghan under her wings and they’ve enjoyed several girls night’s out so far.

With Meghan, 36, and Kate, 35, living so close-by to one another on the premises of Kensington Palace, it is reported that they already get together as friends over tea. The two are known to chat about plans for Meghan’s wedding for hours at a time, which is reported in a previous Inquisitr article.

When Diana and Fergie both became young mothers within the Royal Family, the pictures of the two together showed them sharing much laughter and appearing to be very friendly. They were quite close for sister-in-laws, but the two had so much in common as young outsiders married into the Royal Family.

According to News.au.com, Diana and Fergie had “tumultuous marriages to Prince Charles and Prince Andrew,” which also gave them something else in common. Diana and Fergie were extremely close and Fergie said in an interview after Diana had died just how much she loved and missed her friend.

Both Princess Diana and Fergie would divorce their princes and the two had a falling out when it came to their friendship later on in their lives. Fergie had shared in an interview after Diana’s death that the two had not spoken for a year before Diana died and she had no idea why. She missed Diana very much and expressed how the two were so close at one time.

Fergie said she attempted to make contact with her close friend up until her tragic death, but she never received a reply from messages she left and letters she wrote to the People’s Princess. As far as Diana and Fergie’s marriages go, they were not good and both ended in a divorce. Unlike the days of Diana and Fergie, Kate has what most consider to be a marriage full of love, with Meghan and Harry headed for the same type of marriage as Kate and William, according to reports.

William and Harry married the women they wanted to marry, which is a bit different from what some reports indicate about their father Charles. Prince Charles and Camila were sweethearts while they were in college, but she was not someone that Charles was destined to marry as far as the Royal Family was concerned back in the 80s. According to the Daily Mail, “Prince Charles only married Princess Diana because his father sent him a threatening letter telling him to propose because her ‘reputation was on the line.”

The Daily Mail also reports how the night before his wedding Prince Charles reportedly wept as he had to give up the woman he loved and would go on loving for decades to come. He finally married Camila after Diana had been dead for a respectable number of years. Both William and Harry are marrying women they fell in love with. Times have changed, even with Meghan having a divorce in her past, there’s no objection coming from the Royal Family, who by all reports, have welcomed Meghan with open arms.

Kate and Meghan have a much better chance at a life-long royal marriage than the previous generation because their princes truly want to be married to them. This may keep Kate and Meghan’s friendship intact much longer than Diana and Fergie ever did.

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