Siggy Flicker Unleashes About Danielle Staub’s Sex Life After Accusing Her And Margaret Josephs Of Sabotage

Siggy Flicker is going after Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs with some very strong accusations. After the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired on Wednesday night, Siggy took to Twitter to defend herself and accuse her two co-stars of trying to sabotage her. Not only that, Siggy tweeted about Danielle’s sex life, going so far as to provide some very graphic details.

On the latest episode, during Joe and Melissa Gorga’s opening night party for their Italian restaurant, Margaret’s mother pointed out to her and Danielle that she has met everyone besides Siggy. Margaret reminded her mother that she and Siggy aren’t getting along but told her that it should be fine for her to go meet Siggy. Margaret was confident that Siggy and her mother, known as Margaret Sr., would get along as grown women with no issues with one another. Danielle offered to make the introduction.

Unfortunately for Margaret’s mother, when Danielle went over to Siggy and asked if she wanted to meet Margaret Sr., Siggy said no. Siggy said that she had no interest in meeting Margaret Sr. and excused herself to go outside. When Danielle told Margaret and Margaret Sr. about Siggy’s refusal, they were stunned. Margaret was incredulous that Siggy would be so rude. In her confessional interview, Siggy pointedly asked why she would want to meet the mom of a woman she’s not getting along with.

On Twitter, Siggy Flicker accused Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub of setting her up for an ambush. Siggy then accused Margaret Sr. herself of trying to have a fight with her. And while Siggy may not have met Margaret Sr., she already knows that she doesn’t like her.

In another tweet, Siggy even accused Margaret Sr. of having expressed her intent to ambush her. Shockingly, Siggy then said that the scene was added to fill the gap after a “sex in the bathroom scene” was deleted.

On Thursday morning, Siggy clarified that the deleted bathroom sex scene involved Danielle. In a tweet, Siggy linked to an article, on All About The Tea, that claims that a scene that shows Margaret talking about how Danielle had sex in the bathroom with her fiance was edited out. The article further states that Danielle later announced, in front of kids who were there at the Gorgas’ party, that she had her fiance’s ejaculation on her shoe. quoted a source as saying that Danielle was able to get the scene cut because she’s close to some of the show’s producers.

“Danielle is close to certain producers. She pulled strings to have the scene cut.”

In her tweet, Siggy said that she wasn’t surprised by Danielle’s behavior. Siggy accused the show’s producers of trying to destroy her and giving Danielle and Margaret better edits.

“Why am I not surprised? The only focus this season has been – LETS TRY TO DESTROY SOGGY FLICKER & let’s be kind with everyone else’s edit! I think an Emmy is well deserved this season. I couldn’t make up this s**t if I tried #RHONJ”

Besides the bathroom sex scene, another thing that viewers apparently won’t see is Siggy Flicker making up with Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub next season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. That’s because Siggy has already announced that she’s leaving the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, shortly after Siggy announced her departure from the show, Margaret made it clear via a tweet that she doesn’t think that Siggy’s opinion that she received a bad edit from the show’s producers is true.

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