Jessa Duggar Records Baby Drama On Instagram, Stirs Up Pregnancy Rumors

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are two of the busiest people on Counting On. In 2017, they greeted their second baby boy, Henry Seewald, and since then, their lives have been filled with diapers, diffusing baby crises, keeping the house in order, and making sure that their kids get the attention they need. However, it looks like things may get a lot more hectic around the Seewald household. With the announcement of Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy, her fans have started to wonder if a third baby is in the works for Jessa and Ben.

The 26-year-old mother, who has two million followers on Instagram, has made herself different than all her sisters by keeping a truthful and consistent record of her journey as a mother. Not only does she post regular photo albums of her babies on their big anniversaries, but she also uploads moments from day-to-day life on her feed. Now that Henry is about to turn one, and Spurgeon already two years old, the brothers started interacting with each other in a much more involved way.

In particular, Spurgeon and baby Henry have started to get into little tussles, wrestling matches, and now, arguments. While they still cannot verbally communicate with each other, Jessa proudly posted a moment from the week in which her baby boys got into their first language-based conflict.

“Poor Spurgeon. He looked visibly upset. Poor thing,” one follower commented. “Baby brothers are a pain in the neck huh?”

“They are so goofy! I have two boys just about the same ages as your little guys,” another wrote. “Their interactions are so funny to watch.”

When she is not settling tussles between her sons, Jessa is busy trying to get her house back in order.

With Jessa and Ben’s household already so chaotic, it would be hard to even think about introducing a third baby into the mix. However, when the 26-year-old mother appeared in the video congratulating Jinger Duggar on her pregnancy, Counting On fans started speculating whether she was already expecting another one.

“So when will Jessa be making her announcement too?” A fan asked in the comments. “She totally looks [pregnant] too!”

“Jessa does normally wear really loose tops/dresses right before announcing a pregnancy,” a fan noted. “Then she switches back to more form-fitting tops/dresses. She may be postponing an announcement so as not to take the spotlight away from Jinger at this time. But I’m willing to bet that she will be announcing her 3rd pregnancy within a month or so.”

“I must agree with those thinking Jessa is pregnant again,” another one chimed in. “She has the glow and everything. I would be willing to bet she is expecting again.”

Now that she is a mother of two, she rarely posts selfies of herself. The last time that the fans got to look at her was in the family portraits that the Duggars published around Christmas.

Right now, the pregnant women of the Duggar family are Joy-Anna, Kendra, and Jinger.

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