‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Outfit System Lets Players Use Account-Wide Motifs To Make Custom Costumes

When the next piece of downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls Online releases, a new base game patch will also launch. The Dragon Bones dungeon DLC and update 17 are expected to release in February. The base game patch includes a few major additions to the game for all players, including the Outfit System, a new way to customize characters’ appearances in the MMORPG.

In a new post on the official website, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online detail this new system. The Outfit System, previously called Transmogrify, is a new way for players to alter their appearance. Although players can craft custom armor appearances or use a costume to completely override their wardrobe, there is currently no way to change the individual appearance of existing gear. In update 17, dye stations will become Outfit Stations where players can do exactly that.

Each character will have access to one outfit slot that can be altered with gold, but players can purchase more Outfit Change Tokens and Outfit Slots from the Crown Store. At an Outfit Station, players can basically change the appearance of each equipped item to look like another piece of gear ultimately creating a custom costume. The appearances a player can use are saved in the Collections interface and will include known motifs, according to developers on the official forums. In update 17, motifs essentially become account-wide appearance options within the Outfit System.

Since no classes are locked into a specific armor type, players will be able to use light, medium, and heavy appearances on all armor. For instance, a player wearing light armor gloves can make them look like heavy gloves. The new Outfit System will also let players change the appearance of their weapons; however, they will not be able to change the type of weapon. Players can make one bow look like another, but they cannot make a bow look like a sword. Players of The Elder Scrolls Online will be happy to know that Outfit Stations will include weapon dyeing after the update goes live.

Owners of the Imperial or Morag Tong converters are in luck, too. Although these converters do not make crafting these styles possible, players with these collectibles will be able to use these appearances at an Outfit Station. Owners of converters will be able to apply these looks for free with the Outfit System in update 17.

The upcoming patch and the Dragon Bones DLC will release next month. This new content is the first in a year’s worth free updates and new paid DLC. As the Inquisitr reported, two more DLCs and a new chapter are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in 2018.

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